Result: Whites 2 – 5 Sacred Heart

We were always going to be the underdogs in this game. We saw the return of Stefan this week after a long absence, but with a injury ridden defence and the A’s pinching our on form strikers in Omar and Ismail, it was going to be difficult. In typical Cs fashion, we started on the back foot, conceding 2 inside the first 20 minutes, with Masood picking up an injury, forcing him off. We had no real control of the ball, clearing it out once when we gained possession. We began to switch on, realising our best way to see out the half was to play route one. We began pumping it long to Evan, with his expert one-on-one dribbling, we believed he could beat their slow, and for some reason angry, bald CB. Evan is a man of many talents; he has the dribbling of Messi, the strength of Akinfenwa, the tactical mindset of Fergie, but unfortunately, the finishing of Torres. Evan found himself one-on-one with the keeper and tried to curl the shot to the back stick but failed to convert. We had a few more chances in the half but all seemed to end the same way, with a goal kick. The visitors managed to sneak one before the break, leaving us 3 in the negative as we went to the rooms. Souk had a lot to say, he felt that they were not necessarily better than us, just playing better on the day, believing that is we played with more heart, and keeping more possession, we could win. I made a speech of my own, stating that we needed to keep calm, they think they have the game in the bag now, so we needed to just focus on the basics, and more importantly, quit lashing out at each other after every mistake. We went out confident, aand we played like it too. The Whites were on top for the first 15 mins, keeping possession and creating chances. Mo managed to score a perl of a volley Scholes himself would have been proud of, which swerved into the top corner. According to my notes, Bas then made a diving save, but I find