Result: Whites 4 – 1 Norwood

The Cs squad was replenished this week as injured players became match fit and those that weren’t available, now were. As usual, we went out dominate, but wasted chances saw Norwood still in the game early. Ismail managed to get onto a Marc free kick, of which was lobed down the left side, that Ismail picked up and drove home. For once we actually managed to replicate something from training. Evan and Ismail were pumping up and down the left side continuously, managing to collect balls and cut them across goal almost every time, but its never all sunshine and rainbows in the Cs. Not one ball cut across the box managed to be converted, with many not even finding feet in the middle. Despite not reaching the ultimate sweat (insert fire emojis), its an improvement nonetheless. Ismail doubled the lead before Bas pulled of a Champions League-esk performance, to bad that performance was Loris Karius’. The Norwood player found space outside the box and hit it, clearly Bas forgot he could use his hands as the ball zoomed past his head. We managed to go into the break on top,  but it didn’t feel like it. Ismail went out hungry for a hattrick. Again, after running down the left side, Ismail cut in, but instead of squaring it, he took on two players and slotted the ball away. Clearly frustrate at the silky skills of the Magic Omani (?who wears a magic hat…?), Ismail was hacked down on the left side, then kicked on the ground resulting in a red card. The Whites stayed on top for the rest of the game, with Andre putting the game to bed from a corner. Were keeping track of the top two so lets keep this form going. #ThatsIt
– Campbell