Result: Whites 2 -5 Pembroke

With the coach otherwise indisposed (i.e. at the 3B game being played at the same time), it fell on whites legend and former A’s and B’s coach Graeme Jackson to get this rabble we call the D’s into line for a big game against the undefeated Pembroke. On what can only be described as a lumpy pitch – the boys took on a very young and fit looking Pembroke outfit. Early on, we had plenty of the ball & passed it around nicely without every really feeling like we were in the ascendancy. Pembroke’s speedy wingers and striker were testing us – but Markus was up to the early challenges. Around the half hour we got a free kick from about 30 yards – the tall timber all rushed into the box, only to watch Matt Bate’s glorious free kick sneak under the bar & inside the far post! 1-0! Soon after though Pembroke got back on level terms, as they broke through the midfield. For the remainder of the half they had us pinned back & only some desperate defending saw us keep the scores level at the half. Early in the 2nd half, we somehow received a penalty – although most players on the field thought the free was outside the box. Homood stepped up & scored with aplomb. Age and lack of fitness saw us loose the back 2 early in the 2nd half though & this coincided with Pembroke bringing a fresh striker on. The result was 2 goals in 2 minutes, allowing them to take the ascendancy. Unfortunately we fell away late in the game & Pembroke ended the day with 5 goals. That was despite Markus and left back Will Yeomans having absolute belters. A special mention though has to go to our winger Dom who covered an incredible amount of ground was our best on the day. There’s always next week.

That’s it.