Result: Whites 3 – 3 Pembroke

It was very much a game of two halves as we traveled to Park 17 to take on Pembroke. With the beginning of Ramadan and lack of squad depth (with the Senior Team yet again taking our creative forwards), it was going to be a tough game for the Cs. We had a blistering start to the game. Ismail managed to tear up Pembroke’s defence, netting 2 but could of had at least another if he didn’t let the goalkeeper pick the ball off his feet. A powered shot by the Omani himself deflected off the keepers chest and into the air, giving Evan the chance to hit the perfect volley… but instead swinging at it like a pub door during happy hour, fooling every player on the pitch, including himself, managing to slot it home second time trying. We went into the half 3-0 up, but expected more from ourself. As tiredness began to set in, we began to play sloppy. Our lack of marking resulted in two goals from crosses into the box, and opportunities for Ismail and Stu were few and far between. We did manage to get a free kick mid way through the second half, however despite Stu’s best efforts, the keeper managed to pick it off. As the half went on, it became obvious that we would be trying to hold on to the win. Clearance after Clearance, the pressure built and built. Pembroke earn’t a corner in the 90th minute, one last opportunity to draw up the game, and in typical Cs fashion…they did. The corner found the head of an unmarked CB, who powered it into the back of the net and earn’t his side a point. Yet another “Loss” for the C’s, time to hit the training ground hard and work on the essentials.

  • Campbell Hodgins