The first round of the cup came against the  Comets 2B side. It was not looking good pre-game, as 13 people from the 17 man squad arrived and with Cam ruling himself out of playing. Any worries were gone after the first half, as the boys put 6 past comets (3 Ismail, 2 Omar, 1 Michael [aka Daniel]). A particular highlight was Ismail’s Bale-esk run down the wing, tapping the ball in front of himself then running circles around the right back. The blemish on the half was 1 goal to comets, due to a lack of communication from the defence that failed to clear the ball. The boys focused on playing pass heavy football in the second half and weren’t able to really put the comets away, only putting another 2 past them. Despite, Mikey dropping their right back it was a solid, if uninspiring half of football. Mohammed had a particularly good game, managing to assist in 6 of the 8goals. A good game boys, hard opponents to come.

– Sam Burt