Evan vs Sacred Heart

Result: 0 – 11 Win

It was near perfect wether for our clash against Sacred Heart, and the game did not disappoint. Evan opened the scoresheet with a 40 yard half volley chipping the keeper, setting the standard with how the game would play out. Omar’s first of many 1-on-1’s resulted in doubling the Whites lead. The Whites then pressed on the oppositions weak defending, resulting in a poor clearance strait to Umar who slotted home the Whites 3rd. Just post the first drinks break, Marc got tested in goals for the first time, catching a shot of the post. Leo provided muscle and vision in the midfield, but also composure as he finished one from the center of the box. Ismail caps off the first half with a lovely run down the left, cutting in and finessing it beautifully. Before the refs took the whistle away form his lips Jorge had his shirt off which must of meant it’s half time. Despite being 5-0 up, the boys felt like they could play better and were hungry for more. Evan provided an Evan goal, cutting in and running across the top of the box to place the ball in the back of the net. Sacred Heart had perhaps only their 2nd chance in the game with a counter attack that lead to nothing. Following this, Ismail picks up the ball and goes on another Bale like run down the left, beating the two Sacred Heart players on that side, to finally slot it in the opposite bottom corner. Sacred Heaet were given a free kick, which newly promoted keeper, Marc manages to catch. It was all Whites ball from now on. Mo did what Mo does best and played a pin point perfect through ball to Omar who slotted it Home. Jorge, thinking “anything you can do, I can do better” chips the back line of the opposition to find Omar’s feet who makes it 9 in the good for the Whites. Omar gets another chance minutes later, however his shot was deflected to Umar who was taken down illegally and awarded a penalty. The big Uzbek picked himself up and finished the penalty, earning himself a lovely brace. In the later stages of the game, we were awarded a free kick, and after Mo’s wall blaster earlier, it was decided that Evan would take it. Evan managed to finesse it beautifully into the tree tops, with Kolas still rebuilding their homes to the day. Finally, a beautiful display of passing which consisted of Mo laying it onto Evan who cut it back into the path of a galloping Omar, resulted in our final goal. Making it 4 for Omar and 11 for the Whites. Congratulation boys, it was a great game to watch. Let’s take this form into next week and the rest of the season!

– Campbell Hodgins