The Year in Review.

What a year. The coulda, the shoulda the woulda.

It began in the heat of summer. Trump was campaigning on a ticket of racism, xenophobia and making the US ‘great’ again. Across the pond a new dictator stood in front of the latest crop of wannabes, has-beens and never-were’s declaring the protocols of his own agenda. There would be no welcoming speech only a declaration of a no dick-head policy, any DH’s present should leave now. Bresolin had spoken, we had a new leader with a clear vision to make the Whites great again.

Pre-Season began as every pre-season begins – full of hope and optimism. Wide eyed newbies mixed with the old guard, as the senior coaches peeled their eyes looking for the new Scott Penfold. Unfortunately, all we turned up was a disenchanted Rostrevor old boy. Bres did recruit a hot new keeper however, so things weren’t all bad. But with Bres in charge of the firsts, club legend Crab in support and Alan steering the entire ship, we would be honing a well-disciplined team rather than relying on random French backpackers to save us.

In the lower ranks, newly appointed coaches Matt B and George had to pick 30 odd spots from 5 thousand hopefuls. As the trial games began the black book began to fill with names that would get the chop. Hearts were broken and tears were shed. Someone’s Mum even wrote a letter complaining about how her ever-loving son was treated. It’s a tough gig coaching the 3-4th div of collegiate football, but that’s why we get paid 1 free snag each on a Saturday.

The season proper began with overwhelming success in the cup rounds. B’s beat Cardijn 12-0, D’s flogged Rossies 4-1, C’s got over Blackwood 9-zip and the A’s spanked North City 9-0. O glorious whites!  But our optimism would be short lived as we entered the league season v Pembroke with the forces of Darkness assembling against us. He-who-shalt-not-be-named gave our newly formed D team a wallop, George’s C were thumped 6-0, B’s narrowly pipped at the post 3-2 and the A’s were outrageously robbed of victory by a shady linesman to take home a point 4-4. On the up side, Alex was red carded, beginning his season by gifting us all some lolz. Going to the South Parklands and getting rogered might be fun for Kirsten Staff, but