New board appointed

AUSC is delighted to introduce our new board after the SGM tonight.

President: Bill Hill
Chairperson: Bing Yap
Deputy President: Stephen Bresolin, Alun Cooksley, Lucinda Duxbury
Honorary Secretary: Lucas Barsby
Honorary Treasurer: Julio Angulo-Cubias
Committee members: Chantelle Bardadyn, Karan Dhar, Jordan Fighera, Briarna Hamesley, Eric Sialas, Emiliana Soulio, Kieron Weatherill

AUSC would like to thank everyone who attended the meeting.


Update – June 21

This is a reminder that the Special General Meeting will be held Thursday 22nd June 2017 at 8pm in the Graduates Clubhouse. The AUSC encourage as many members to attend and support the process. Registration will begin at 7.45pm. Please arrive early for registration so the meeting can start on time. You HAVE to be a current financial member to be eligible to vote.

These are the nominations for board positions:


  • Bing Yap

Deputy Presidents (not more than THREE)

  • Alex Macdonald
  • Frank Grauso
  • Alun Cooksley
  • Stephen Bresolin
  • Lucinda Duxbury
  • Andres Munoz-Lamilla


  • Lucas Barsby

Committee Members (not more than SEVEN of whom the majority shall be students attending lectures at u