It was a dark and stormy night. Well actually no, it was just cold, but nowhere near as cold as Woodside. Actually wasn’t that dark either, as magically the lights stayed on for the whole game.

Nonetheless Unley looked perturbed, as they had a right too, and not just because they were Unley. And not just because we had smashed them weeks earlier, but mainly because Jon George was on the match sheet and had been named on Facebook as a full back. Now many more disturbing things concerning Jon have happened on Facebook but we are not allowed to talk about most of those. Or are we now that certain forces have gone to the dark side?

Anyway I digress.

Mohammed increased the level of Unley peturburance by some margin. He made them look silly on a number occasions and got in behind the defense a couple of times, but unfortunately was not able to seal the deal. It was only a matter of time.

Super coach Ryan (not a graduate of the Bres academy as far as I am aware) decided to change it up by bringing super sub Jon George onto the field. This resulted in Matt Bate moving into midfield and Jon going to centre back as promised. I have the suspicion this had more to do with the coaches hope that this would put an end to Matt Bate hoofing the ball, M Williams style up the field every time he had it. That can’t be true though as Matt was heard to say “only short passes” to his teammates so I must have that wrong.

Anyhow, this structural change did the world of good and led to the first goal with a blistering free kick from Omar. Now I think it was Omar, as all those Uni Students look the same to me……so young they sicken me………yet I digress again.

This is the way it stayed at half time. If we thought Unley were perturbed we had yet to hear Ryan’s half time speech. I have blocked it out for retrieving by my psychiatrist at a later date but it had to do with love and I quote “maybe in a sexual way”. The sub-context appeared to be he really wanted to share a win with his good friends. Plato be damned.
In any case, it must have worked as the Whites dominated the second half to win 6-0 including 2 goals from Ryan himself. The speedy right wing substitute (no not me but Abdul) proved to be a real handful as well, and the defensive back four were masterful all night. The midfield controlled the game and Wez was energetic, creative and looked almost quick!

As I was running the line for 65 minutes you can see the small details of the game escape me….however I was freed onto the pitch with 10 minutes to go and together with Jon George free from his arboreal chains, created havoc in the Unley defensive area. This lead to a penalty goal for Jon after some wonderful skill from yours truly. I will be set for a start next week for sure (sorry Joe you asked me to do this).

Unley still had time to have a man sent off and the game ended with everyone being thoroughly satisfied with a 6-0 whites win (I think Unley were happy for us too), including having a penalty saved. Could have been more but I was on the bench too long.

Can’t wait for next week………………..can you?