Today sees us at the beautiful seaside pitch at west beach! We are playing Mercedes who’s ground is unplayable so lucky us are here at ‘wind tunnel park’

Today will be a hot contest as Mercedes have produced some impressive performances with a 1 all draw with Pembroke and a 2-1 victory over Rostrevor over the last 2 weeks!

This is the form team in the comp so a very tough game away for the whites! Rumor is they have also loaded their side to stick it up us as well!

It’s cold, breezy and the pitch is average but not wet!

Mercedes look serious in their warm up and have come to play!

The Whites have Saf back but Rob1 still out, Jan back in for Arron and also Cam who are both up to the C’s

We may get a late shower as its does look darkish to the west.

Good start for Bres as he was pacing along the sideline on his phone and the kids game next to us push the ball out to the line. Bres not watching crashing into a poor Little 10 year old and took him out! In true Bres style he just continues to wander along the line and looks back with a smirk!

Looking at Mercedes they look like an even group with a couple of big boys! They have skills and an aggressive approach! Both squads have full numbers. Game on is my call but let’s go whites 3-2

One issue no ref and the start has been pushed back to 1.15 pm so he can make it…?
He has arrived and we have had him before and that was interesting as he is very emotional when it’s tough!

Game starts!

A very even start and both midfields look good!
A play down the left and Ellery is on it he passes to Abdul who beats the defender and delivers a great ball across the keeper to Johnny who pumps it in for the whites first! 1-0 whites . That was quick!

Early observation are they have not defended well so that maybe a bonus for us!

Saba another great ball but Johnny’s shot is blocked by the keeper.

A massive goal kick goes 69 Mtrs with the wind from Mercedes but Dans header is a fantastic for the clearance.

Dan with another great header clears the lines.
Mercedes push hard and are in the game as they settle after the early goal.

Corner Mercedes and they have a 6 foot 5 giant in the box!
The kick is taken and it curls on goal and it’s in as Dan tries to to save but bodies everywhere, it’s a goal! 1 all

Corner whites and it’s Across the front of the box but Abdul shot blocked it rebounds to Aaba and his shot is block as well.

This one is getting hot as the giant is about to squash Johnny as the mouths start to fly off! I can see the glint in Jan’s eye as it becomes a stand off with aggression rising! He loves this stuff!

Goal kick from Big Dan and one touch pass from Jan and Wes is in but it’s just long, keepers ball

A heap of sledging as there seems to be a strong dislike for each other! Rob2 also seems to lift in these games as the tougher it gets the harder he goes in!

Mercedes having a good patch but the defense in Saf, Dan, Matty & Sammy doing well.
Corner Mercedes and Dan crashes the pack and the balls away from a dangerous position.

I think a couple of Mercedes boys will think twice next time they back into BIG DAN!
Close to half time and 1 all

And that’s half time

The key for the whites is to run at them as they have a couple of big slower boys at the back and if we put them under pressure we will score again.

Second starts and it’s all whites Mercedes smash a clearance but Darren is in the way and cops a shocking hit to the eye from 2 Mtrs away and he is hurt! He’s off and I hope ok as it was a bad hit to his face!

This is very tight but you feel there’s more goals.

Ellery great ball across goal and the defender misses it and Abdul is on it with sublime skill he places it past the keeper, what a fantastic finish for a 2-1 lead!

It’s gone off here as Mercedes go berserk about an offside call and the game has stopped the ref get involved on the line with their bench not sure what happen but it’s ugly!

It looks as if Dan’s dad wants to knock someone’s block off! Let me say he is normally the calmest of all of Us and they have abused him to trigger that reponse. They are whingers and fools!

Beautiful ball forward from Johnny and it finds Wes on the ball & bang like Jamie Vardy at his best he hits an absolute Cracker and it’s in for number 3! The boys loved that one as Wes deals them a death blow and the whites take control!!!!!

This is one we want to win as they are a mob of big mouth clowns.

Free kick Mercedes and it’s a good ball and a spare man at the back gets his head in it but Big Dan get a hand on it but the rebound is back to them and it’s in for their second.

Extremely unlucky ( I hope that was a fair description Dan) Game on again 3-2 we lead.

Another corner to them and long but falls to them and the shot is wide but close. We need to rest control back as they are having a a good spell

Matty gets the ball and a nice pass to Saba on to Abdul and he slides it across goal… Who’s there??? it’s Johnny! and he bangs it in with a Suarez type finish so there’s number 4!!

4-2 lead fricking awesome Whites everyone take a bow!

Mercedes screaming like little girls at a Taylor Swift concert! They are experts at the rules as all they do is try to umpire the game maybe if they shut the hell up and just played it may be more productive ?

What they haven’t worked out is this ref hates it and is actually giving them less every time they abuse him! Nobs

We defend well with 10 mins left
Still at hectic pace this one is one of the better quality games for the year but tough!

Matty goes down after a late challenge and is coming off!

Another tackle from behind and is our free kick! That about 5 yellows for them!

Ball forward and another card and free to us and Johnny deliver from a dead ball and Saba try’s the bicycle kick but it’s saved. The boys have kept ownership of the midfield and defended realty well and that’s full time 4-2 great win!

And that was the best and loudest singing of the song all year!

Jan solid and addicted to a scrap, the harder the better – love it

Bobby some great runs and nice balls – well played

Sammy as reliable as ever and a rock. Has stepped up big time with Rob1 out

Dan best game for the year he was a great piece of our defensive puzzle. Congrats Dan!

Ellery creative, classy and skilled. Always a danger, silky smooth.

Wes quality finish, linkman, enigma, freak, team barometer!

Abdul was dangerous, again delivered up front and quality player!

Rob2 hard in the midfield, set
Up the team and defend brilliantly played a major role in the win

Matty best game game for the team this year and won some critical contests whilst showing great commitment

Darren guts, commitment the definition of a team player and off to hospital I hope he is OK & wishing him all the best!

Saf a rock and gives absolutely everything and is Mr. Reliable, a team favorite. I know he enjoyed that win

Big Dan, bloody awesome saves and his marshaling of the troops second to none! Huge assets and best keeper in the league

Johnny clearly his most enjoyable game of the year all you had to do is watch his celebration and 2 goals a top effort from the captain.

Saba at his best! Untouchable on the ball and his second efforts today were special! A game changer!

Bres a happy man who lead from the front with passion and motivation that got the team up for their best win of the season! And that is IT!

Photos the after match victory song.
All played well. Really great team effort!

David Wilson.