Well it’s Election Day! I haven’t voted yet as I still try to sort through the childish taunts from all parties concerned! It would be nice if someone could act like a normal person but that’s a dream!

Anyway we are home today to the mountain men (Mt. Barker) a team we should beat but we have a number of changes to the team which we need to get the balance right with the new boys.

It’s a cool day and we are on the pitch next to the river. Mt Barker have a couple of golden oldies and will defend at all cost as they like to put the ball out as a key strategy?

We kick to the river end as the whistle goes to start the game and the whites attack early but Barker pump it out as expected.

Early save from Dan who is back in goal this week.

The whites also welcome Rob2 back and he is on the ball early looking strong.

Barker go forward and are taking long shots which are dangerous!
Whites just need some composure as they go forward to create a real chance!

Corner and Jan puts it in the hot spot but it shaves Rob2 head and cleared!
10 mins gone and the whites start to settle.
Wes on as the first sub of the day!
Matty defending well as he cover the left hand side.

The ref allow advantage which is good and he seems ok so far which is a nice change.
Big Dan saving everything at the moment doing an amazing job!

Free kick and good ball from Wes which just goes over Rob1 head and it’s the keepers ball.
Whites now on top but Barker get the free kick and it’s hit from 35 out but Dan takes it! Not a bad effort.

Corner Barker and it’s just over the top bar!
35 mins gone and it’s a arm wrestle at the moment with no team taking its chances.

Whites on and great ball from Cam Meets Wes steaming at goal like a freight train and POW it’s in for the whites 1st! Great goal!!

Whites at goal again and Wes growing with over confidence smashes it way over the bar and it nearly hits the Myer building ?

Wes on the ball and does a back heel Ronaldo style and all we hear is Bres go ‘WEEEESSSSSSSS!!’ at the top of his voice! Pure Bres gold!
As Wes is dragged Johnny’s comment ‘you knew as soon as you did the back heel you were off’ Wes smiles.

And that’s half time 1 nil whites up.

Bres looking for more passing first time to cut them up and put them away!

Second half starts
Rob1 off with an groin injury
Rob2 cut through the defense and is brought down and it must be a penalty but NO?????

This one is heating up as Bres argues with the ref and their bench has a go at him, Bres invites the guy to come over and settle the argument but their coach declines – Wanker!

Corner Barker and it’s punched clear but rebounds off the post and back across the goal and it’s in! 1 all

Pressure on as it’s now a tight one and we need some clear play and a strong defense!
Whites in the box and it’s bobbling around but we can get a shot off

Free kick whites and it’s put in by Jan but misses everyone, a real chance

Corner whites again Jan takes it and Saba hits it and it bangs into the cross bar! So close
Barker forward and it floats across the goal and Dan gathers

The game is open now and anyone can score still looking for that piece of magic to get in on goal.

15 mins gone second half
Barker in on goal and it’s in and 2-1 to them

Throw in and Johnny hits it on target but is headed away.

Barker in and on goal but big Dan smashes into the on coming player and stop a certain goal!
Yellow out as 59 hacks at Jan as they continue to push the limits!

Matt get the ball as it cleared and a great shot is just pushed wide.
Rob2 has a ping and it’s just over the top

Whites doing all the attacking but need to cover the break as that how they have scored
Free kick barker on the edge of the box and it’s over the top for a goal kick

With 30 mins gone things are desperate and we need a miracle to get out of this one!
Wes with a chance but doesn’t get enough on it and the keeper tidies up.

Corner whites and Jan puts it in and it cleared. Whites attacking and another corner Wes this time and he finds Jan in the box who rises about the pack and it’s in!!!! 2 all.

Game on!!!!

About 8 mins left
Another bad tackle on Rob2 and he is down and coming off!

Johnny gets a yellow as he argues with the ref
Corner whites and johnnys header finds the keeper

59 again in on goal but big Dan great left foot save!!!!!

Free kick another poor tackle and Jan has a crack over the top!

Finally a red card for their big thug forward 42 who should have been off 6 times, including a groin grab on Saf. Pathetic individual who has some friends, as the word from the boys is they are the worst bunch of clowns we have played against!!!

I honestly think some of their players have mental issues!

We push again but there’s the final whistle and it’s a 2 all draw. That one got away and hurts as they are a an average mob!
Understandably Bres fuming at the result but injuries and luck were against us today.
Today’s photo is Darren eating a banana after the game, enjoy. ?

David Wilson