Round 8 see the Whites at home and after last weeks mauling of Unley 5-2 the boys are on a high.

As a quick side note all grades have won in both rounds 6 & 7 which is a great effort by all at the club!

Today we host Mercedes at home
The tail of the tape reads that the whites are 3rd on the ladder and Mercedes 7th.

Mercedes have a poor away record however have only lost by 1 goal to both Rostrevor 2nd on the ladder and league leaders Blackwood!

From the outset be clear this is a danger game and any positive result will be gladly accepted.
Mercedes games have been relatively low scoring so today we must create take our chances!

It’s again a perfect day with not a cloud in the sky and the breeze is coming across the ground from Adelaide oval but should not effecting either end.

This is a critical game in the shape of the season as we enter the cup round bye next weekend, the whites are now 3 points off top spot.

Also Worth noting Blackwood 1st play Pembroke 4th and Rostrevor 2nd play Unley 5th this weekend.

Changes to the side in – Wes, Jan, Rob2
out – Matty Chan, Jorge
I have never like Mercedes as they always seem to be a mouthy, dirty and hang around like a bad hangover!

The whites go through there normal routine with runs and stretches and Mercedes stand in a circle and kick the ball to each other?

Let’s be honest Mercedes green strip is in contention as the worst in the league. Reminds me of the Balfours green frog cake!

A bit of controversy prior to kick off as Mercedes coach come across and says he has brought a Ref??? He explains he’s a state league Ref and he wasn’t sure we would have one?? Bres quickly puts him in his place and tells him we already have a ref!!!! What the hell is going on?

I already stated I don’t like them and that little effort confirms they are nobs!

Now we a dealt with their first attempt to influence the outcome I hope they Second guess their chances!!!!

That deserve a proper spray today from the match report!

Here we go! Number 5 looks like he has borrowed his little brothers shirt with n7 not far behind him.

N6 let’s call him Barrel will be tested for speed and Moses n2 at center back looks an interesting character

Any way we are underway!

Early wh