Round 3 Immanuel v Uni Whites away.

It’s a crisp autumn day with what feels like a winter sun providing some much welcome warmth.

After success at Mt Baker last week and Grads red in round one the D grade have had a solid start to the season and will look to build on this platform today.

The whites sit 3rd on the table on goal difference and Immanuel are 6th have won 1 and lost 1.
I am sure it will be a tough game in trying secure the 3 points!

Team news is that there has been a number of changes with Rob2 being picked in the C?

Hamood is still searching for his wife in Bali or lost? Sol is away in Melbourne. So to fill the holes in the mid field we have Mat Bates is back and abz in for his first game with Tomas also in for his 2016 debut. Unfortunately another guys I don’t know has not turned up!!!! Not a good start

Immanuel look to have a sprinkling of youth and experience. One notable point is their keeper is beefy fellow and may not be as agile as some!

The breeze is north west and will be a factor for both sides
We win the toss and kick with the wind in the first half and off we go!

Early on its tight and this no Mt Barker. Immanuel have the best of the first 10 mins with no real chances.
Not much system going forward for the Whites as they haven’t settled yet 18 mins in

A wide ball played in by Immanuel and is in for a goal 1 nil down

Immanuel push again but the defense stands up

30 mins and its a tight game but the Ref seems hell bent on giving soft fouls and most to Immanuel

The Ref is absolutely panicking about any contact and giving soft decisions

40 mins in and the game has evened up and the whites look better

That’s 1/2 time and not our greatest half but I am confident in the second half we will get opportunities!

Bres at half time feels we are not holding the ball and just running and chasing. He moves Saba to up front to hold the ball. Unfortunately Saf pick up a injury ( Hammy ) in the first half and Wes is done as well and they will take no further part! So that’s 3 down plus our others outs

This game is not over and we can come back!

Second half starts
10 mins in and on the break Immanuel open it up and there’s the second and its 2-0

The boys try to string together some passes but no mojo today!

The Ref is pathetic and continues to give unbelievable frees to Immanuel!!!!!

I have not seen 3 passes in a row all day as the boys try hard to pull it back
The whites create a couple of chance but no result.

30 mins gone and long ball clearance seem easy with a 2 nil lead but the whites keep trying to pull one back.
Corner whites and a good ball in from Jahn and it bobbles around in the box but cleared

10 mins left and we need a miracle as the ref continues to be BOG for them
The ball seems to be like a super ball bouncing off our feet, left right and centre

Johnny gets played through and puts it in the back of the net… only to be called back gor offside! We were all standing inline on the bench and that was another horrid call for the day.

Whites press and Matty’s shoots but over the top
And with a wide ball in theres the 3rd and its 3-0

This has not be our day and the midfield outs seem to have unsettled the side however the guys in there have tried hard.
Our endeavor was there but we had a poor day skill wise and they took every opportunity.

And that’s full time and a day to forget!
My best Sam and Jahn

David Wilson.