Round 6 and the whites sit 3-2 with a great win against Rostrevor last week to deliver them their first loss for the year! (That was sweet & boo Hoo to those whingers)

We must keep in mind the whites are 1 win off top!

Today see the unknown Woodside who are new to the competition come to the city to meet the whites at home.

So far the woodchoppers aka warriors are winless, racking up some big defeats so all goes well for a whites victory.

It’s another perfect day at 23 degrees ( who said climate change does have its advantages! Bloody Greens)

The pitch is in great condition with with a breeze springing up favoring the city but scoring should be done at both ends I apologize for today’s report as I need to play taxi during the first half as son no. 2 needs a lift to the Footy at 1.20 (soft and yes my fault I know) anyway I will try to pick things up as we go!

Warm ups and the whites go through their normal routine and look sharp! One change Wes in and Darren out with a calf injury

Woodside are in the Crystal Palace colors who also play in tonight’s FA cup final against ManU (let’s hope they win tonight but not today) they seem a young and old side (with 4 oldies) and at 12.40 have not started their warm up and are getting change still!

12.45 and 5 woodcutters stand in a circle and kick the ball to each other!!! I observe they look like they are not the fittest side in the competition and most seem built with extra insulation for the cold days and nights up in the hills.

The breeze is now a wind!
The football next to us is boring as Adelaide Uni lead 7.7 to 1.1 against Flinders Uni

It is official Woodside are the first team we have played not to do a proper warm up! What do they expect no wonder they are 5 zip

Ok we are ready to go and the first half Is off and running.

All whites early and John wins the ball in the middle and plays in Abdul for number 1. A nice finish

Another attack and Sol crosses in but too long for Hamood

While I was away
Woodside in and a long ball results in a goal
Rob A scored
Header goal to John
Penalty missed by John

Ball through the middle and john to Sol he is