Today Uni Whites D venture to Rostrevor!
They current are unbeaten but up front I can see an upset!!!!

It’s a great day for football at 23 degrees and it’s a good pitch for the lads to show their stuff.
There are some familiar faces in the Rostrevor lineup. We know a few have some quality but they fall away quickly.

Warm up is done with the whites looking sharp. Rostrevor have done barely any warm up and I think look concerned!
They have a couple of solid unit who are built for comfort not speed!!!

We are underway and it’s a tight start with some willing tackles but whites looking good.
Sol breaks and crosses in and an own goal!!!!

Whites 1 nil up!

Rostrevor break and an error at the back and that’s 1 all. Unlucky

Rostrevor playing the normal way of pushing the boundaries belting us at every opportunity and theres their first yellow! This is on and the whites need to stand up to them

Sol with an amazing run and he brought down in the box and it’s a penalty!!!
But no card!

Johnny lines it up and bang in she goes for a 2-1 lead!!!!!

Corner Rostrevor but cleared!
Whites on goal but saved! It is a cracker this one!

Whites hold strong and Sol has another shot but the keeper cleans it up!
Rostrevor under pressure are taking the long ball option and Rob and the guys are cleaning it up everytime!

The whistle blows and that’s 1-2 time with a 2-1 lead

Bres has stated that was our best half for the year and what the boys need to do is keep the pressure up and get the ball to feet everytime!

The second half begins
Rostrevor attack but Big Dan saves (he has had a cracker)
Long clearance from Dan and the other Dan just fail to keep it in.

Free kick as Dan is brought down
Jahn in hard and wins the throw
it’s opening up a bit and Jahn gets a ball and powers it but just saved! Great shot

Corner whites and and Saf hits it! (Yes Saf) but it’s high

Free kick Rostrevor and it’s blocked by the wall
Player going down left, right and center!

27 mins gone and this it a tough contest and tempers are nearly over the top, the ref says he will call it off if everyone doesn’t behave themselves! WTF

Whites push forward and Jahn nearly threads it though!

Whites break and Dan wins the ball to Abul to John to Dan to Abul and bang that’s number 3!!!! This is going to be a great win as the whites lead 3-1

Tension are high but you can see Rostrevor bleeding (love it, there is a god)

Whites again and Hamood cuts back from the corner flag and Sol slots it in for a great goal and that 4-1 whites!!

Whites have stood up today and played their best game for the year!

The whites hold firm as the wall (big Dan) and (the rock Rob) just toy with every attack slapping them away like a bad Hooker!

The whites clearly on top as the the game tickles to full time!

And that’s it’s the final whistle and a fantastic 4-1 victory against the unbeaten Rostrevor thugs.

What make this sweeter is number41 trudges off not shaking hands with his head down! Which is his best play of the day and make the win the sweetest of all!!

Sorry the report is a bit thin today, i couldn’t take my eyes off the game! Sam was incredible today that had to be metnioned, stood up to some big blokes and won the ball everytime!

This is where the season really begins!!

‘And that’s it, that it, that it, that’s it’ Uni Whites that’s it!!!’

David Wilson.