Round 2 UNI Whites vs Mt Barker at Mt Barker

Well it’s a drizzly day on top of the mountain but the boys take to their warm up with enthusiasm!
Checking my phone it’s 14.3 degrees and the breeze is cool!

Today is significant as one of the team celebrates his 53rd birthday!!!!! The team also wears the black arm band as it acknowledges the 27th anniversary of ‘Hillsborough’ a significant memory for the great LFC!

I will be honest Mt Barker look like a group not really interested and I am predicting a big win for the whites! Anyone who has a number 00 on their back is taking the piss and deserves a fogging!

We have a small issue no ref yet!
It’s 1.02 and nothing happening.
At 1.06 we are ready to go as the ref is here and off we go!

Early on its all whites as they push for an opener, Mt Barker pushes the ball to the line on every occasion and we have had 6 throw ins in the first 5 mins.
It’s very slippery which is making control difficult!

15 mins in and its a tight contest. We clearly have more skill but the conditions are evening things up!

Whites break and its Jahn charging at the goal, he shoots but just wide!
The whites looked to have settled and have taken control in the midfield. I feel there one close!

Nice throw in and Johnny traps, turns and shoots but just wide. I don’t see the the wind in the first half helping the whites at all and I think going into it will suit us more in the second half.

Corner whites and its in the hot spot and on the rebound clearance Rob2 smashes it in from 20 meters out for number 1 to the whites and we lead 1-0!!

Now it’s opened up and chances are coming thick and fast Saba, Johnny and Bres all have chances but with no result.

That’s half time and the whites lead 1 nil
Half time speech is about more of the same with some cut backs to feet in the box and Bres reckons he will take care of it!

Second half starts
It’s clear Mt Barker will use the long ball and belt the clearance as far as they can every time. If the whites can use their skill and work forward they can score.

Throw in to Bres and he is hit from behind and its a penalty!

Bobby steps up and bang in she goes! 2-0 whites!!

Saba and Rob2 are slicing them up in the middle.
We are in again and Jahn is on goal but it’s wide.

Jahn again! But wide, he is in the game and must score shortly.
Whites dominating!

Mt Barker are in and score ….but wait Wes as the flag up! And the ref has a chat and its disallowed!!!!’ Nice Wes! (The negotiator)

Quick throw and Saba cuts back and the birthday boys nearly gets his foot on it but no! The cruelty of it all.

20 mins in and the chance keep coming in shocking conditions but still 2-0

Bobby wins the ball and goes long to Sam who puts a beautiful measured ball in front of Johnny and pow in it goes for the whites 3rd!!!!! Playing good football in the conditions!

Wes great tackle and crosses into Jahn and he is just wide! That looked like the one!

The whites are in but the flag goes up and Jahn takes exception! (He was right) then a barrage of verbal abuse from the linesman and Jahn returns some well chosen words to be clear he felt it was a bad call!

Attack after attack I can’t keep up lets just say it’s over and done!

Rob takes the throw and Rob2 creates a shot and its a Just over the top!
Wes take on responsibility of a shot on the edge of the box but over the top she goes.

Bobby down the left and he pumps it at the goal and off the bar! I give him credit for the shot but was also nearly a great cross.

2 more corners but no result and that’s full time. 3-0 whites!!

Whites very good performance with the defense supreme lead by big Dan in goal with a faultless performance Rob, Saf and dan were impassable.

Sam had some great runs. Everyone in the middle played well with Rob2, Saba, and Darren, Bobby, sol wide did really well in control.

Up front we could have scored 10 but Jahn and Bres enjoyed their partnership as Wes and Johnny did as well to get it done!

2 wins from 2 games and the season is up and running!

(Picture Bobby’s jumper made me laugh so i took a picture “bobby luv”)

By, David Wilson.