Welcome to the first game of the season!

Uni Whites vs Grades reds at home. With the smell of cut grass and the feeling that “winter is coming” Uni Whites brace themselves like a soldiers of “the nights watch” preparing for war!

It is clear like every team the whites have ambitions of a successful year and have come in to the first round in good form after what was a stirring effort in the cup round last week!

The day greets us with overcast sky’s but hopefully no rain! The pitch is in very good condition and a perfect day for the great game.

Grads red sport an All red strip and seem to have a blend of old, young and one guy warming up in bright red shorts and sunglasses!

The whites are kicking to the club room end and the first half is underway…

A massive swinging boot should have been a Red or at least yellow but nothing from ref Morgan freeman!
The free kick is punch away by the keeper!
Ball play forward and Hamood is in but brought down in the box and its a penalty.

Johnny steps up and bang in she goes for a 1 nil lead to the whites after 4 mins

Grads look dangerous when they have the ball but look slow and suspect in defense however it is early.

Grads red have some good feet which can create chances but our defense is working well together.
Whites still look good going forward with their pace and control look to be the difference

Corner whites – but is high and wide!
25 mins in and the game is a battle in the midfield with temperatures rising!!!

Grads whip the ball in and a header is good for 1 all

Darren breaking down the left and put it in to the the ‘amazing Wes ‘ who splits the keeper in half with unbelievable chip/off-spinner/angus monfries circa 2013 for 2-1 whites.

Wes in again and beats one! Beat the keeper! Just to rub it in he goes back and Beats the keeper again! (it’s like watching MESSI ) but he pokes it wide!!!! WHAT?!

And that’s half time whites lead 2-1

The whites took control and have started to use the newly introduced interchange rule very well as they look fresher than their opposition.
Bres is happy with the effort and has asked for the boys to really push for the 3rd.

Second half starts

Grads start the second half well with 2 attempts on goal early….The whites need to play tough and absorb the pressure.

Big Dan the scary man! is marshaling the defense as we hold off the push from Grads to get the equalizer

10 Mins in and we are standing tall And continue to hold the lead.
Bobby, Saf, Darren, Rob, Matty and Dan doing a great job dealing with every attack.

A ball is punched forward and hamood cuts it back to Jahn who hits it…..but saved by the keeper.

The corners in and Rob climbs high but his header is taken by the keeper!

Corner whites and Wes plays it short and Matty who plays a great ball across the goal but no one on the end of it. That could have been number 3

Corner grads and Rob clears with a huge header.

Jahn gets tangle up with hot head number 9 who should be off already due to a ridiculous tackle in the first 5 mins and the ref has a chat to them both as they front each other like a ‘Ali and Fraser’ but we all know Jahn is a peaceful man and never loses his temper???

Grads attack again but header over the bar!

Nice ball from Nick but the keeper shut Johnny down and its out for a throw to us, the keeper is down and getting treatment but seems ok! In fact nothing wrong with him?

Free kick to grads in a dangerous position and the wall goes in place! The kick is taken and straight into the wall and cleared

30 mins in and the whites continue to hold grads off!

Corner whites off a Wes shot as its deflected out by a defender
In it goes and Jahn volleys wide
The whites seem to have taken control of the midfield as their fitness seems superior???

Jahn through the mid field and his ball was magnificent to Johnny and he make the keeper look drunk as he slots the whites 3rd and its 3-1 whites!!!!!!

They are on fire with Rob (no.3 midfield) is killing them! “He will be referred to as Rob 2 on future reports and The real Rob will be referred to as Rob1?

The ducks have now entered the field (see photo) as they know the game over and its safe to wander around as Grads Reds have nothing left!

Corner grads and its cleared, its now 40 mins in and the whites are In total control! Grads have dropped their heads as they know it’s a lost cause!!!

And that’s full time! A great first up win for the whites and 2016 is on and running!!!!!!

That’s it!!!!!!

David Wilson