Round 7 takes us to Unley to play the team 4th on the ladder with 4 wins, 1 loss to Blackwood and 1 draw to Pembroke.

The Whites are currently 5th and 1 point behind Unley. With a win today the Whites could jump to 3rd on the ladder but at worst 4th.

It’s a typical winters day without rain! So the winter sun gives us some good warmth which as a old person I appreciate!

Changes to the team Rob2 and Jan are out and we welcome Jorge in to the team and Darren is back as well.

The ground is in reasonable condition with a couple of wet muddy spots but overall ok.

Unley look far more organized than the woodcutters last week and have some real system in their warm up. They are a typical Div4 side with some older barrel chested guys and some youth.

To me it’s clear we need to be playing well to win but I am predicting a 4-2 victory!

We have a small issue, no kit! Jan is making a desperate bid to get here so we can make kick off!

Jan has arrived and saves the day!
Bres addresses the boys and wants a high tempo game and wants an early goal! He asked the boys to run hard at them and put pressure on early!

There’s the whistle and the we are off in the first half, whites are kicking to the city end

Early we attack and Saba works it forward and shoots but it’s wide
Unleys turn and n14 looks a player as he shoots but it’s just wide

Free kick whites and it’s dropped by the keeper and bobbles (someone hit it) around but cleared!

Corner whites – nothing there as they clear a short ball

15 mins in and it’s tight but we look more skilled!

Whites great pressure up forward as they run down 3 tackles and look to stamp their mark in the game

Corner and Saf on to it with a nice header but just wide.

Saba wins the ball and passes to Sol and his long shot across the keeper is good!!!!! 1-0, whites leadafter 22 mins

Some lazy tackles from Unley as they are being outplayed but 1 nil is not enough

John cut back to Sol and his shot is over the top.

30 min gone and our defense needs to be tight as Unley push for an equalizer.

This will be a battle of fitness and the interchange may be a key for the whites. They have some guys that may not run it out as they are gravity challenge due to food intake!

N14 and n10 look the threats but our boys have them covered at this point!

Soft free to Unley about 35 Mtrs out but nicely taken by big Dan!

Unley push forward but a trademark interception for Rob1 and he clears

40 mins gone
Sol gets pinged for a deliberate handball and cops a yellow. Not sure what he was thinking? Maybe a audition for Big Dan job and I am sure the boys will give it to him

As we get to half time the game has evened up as Unley know another Whites goal will kill them off!

There’s the whistle after 5 mins of extra time?????? For what

Bres is pumped up he asked the boys for quick passing and stop dribbling in the mud! I can say this is his best speech for expletives all year!

Quotes ‘it’s time to learn how to play football’ he wants more talk and direct play to put them away! I really enjoyed his address!

Second half starts
Whites pressure the kick off and it’s out for a throw.

Free kick Whites but a fowl gives them the ball. Unley shot on goal but it’s a sky ball and over the top

I can see Whites on the break as Unley push numbers to the half way line looking for the goal! My tip Abdul will hurt them!

Corner Unley – n14 takes it and Hamood clears
Whites break and it’s Sol charging and cuts back but Hamood is wide with the shot!

Unley press again and the Barrel pumps it wide.
Unley pushing hard but Dan, Rob, Saf, Sam and Matt doing well!

Throw to the whites and they are in but a very suss offside called

Whites forward and Dan pushes to the box and it’s a handball and penalty!

Abdul lines it up and POW in she goes for a 2-0 lead!!!

30 mins left so a long way to go and a 3rd would be the trick!

Unley on the attack and a cross find a head and they score! 2-1 whites lead.

The ball breaks to Abdul he beat one, he beats two and bang there’s number 3! Great goal

20 mins gone as Unley dispute the goal and complain to the Ref about everything!

Saba wins the ball beats one,
beats two, slips it to Abdul and on the outside of his foot he beats the keeper for our 4th!!!

There is magic out there at the moment!
Unley are spewing and giving the ref heaps! Tackles are now coming thick and fast as are the fowls as Unley lose the plot!!!!

Whites push forward and it’s a throw in from the corner! No luck
Another fowl as Rob1 get taken down!

30 mins gone and the defense again this week is shutting down everything. There has been no other genuine chances for Unley

Whites get the ball and a shot away by Johnny but straight to the keeper.

Free kick Unley on the edge of the box a real chance and it’s in for their second as it goes over the wall and Dan has no chance!

35 mins gone and Unley have not given up and it’s still a willing contest!

Whites just need to hold the ball as every attack is a counter attack by them, the ball is in the box and Johnny goes down and it’s a penalty!

Johnny takes it and places it perfectly for the Whites 5th!

Game well and truly over at 38 mins gone in the second half!

Unley revert to cheating as an offside is given and Darren was on by 5 meters.

And that’s full time and a great win 5-2 and the charge continues!

Abdul 3 goals but couldn’t get near it early but as soon as we played to feet he had a party!
All played well and whilst I maybe a bit bias our defense was a wall!

David Wilson