Today is a a big test for the Whites as they travel to Blackwood and take in the top team!

It’s a clear day and no rain in sight, the wind is blowing across the ground so no end is an advantage. It is quite cool up here on top of the hill but I am sure could be a lot worse!

Changes to the team this week see Big Dan out! Rumors are he has been called up to the Euro’s or the South Pacific league for a few weeks?
Rob2 out for a week after that rubbish red card last week, in are
Ellery and Graeme (good luck lads) I also think Matty Chan is an addition as he didn’t player last week?

Looking at the warm ups Blackwood are a big team with a number of talls and look to be very well drilled in their warm up! It is not a huge pitch but has had a lot of traffic on it as its patchy and uneven.

The Whites go through their normal routine and look good.

Today for us it will be about taking our opportunities as we have some real scoring power and we know Blackwood are the highest scoring side scoring multiple goals in most games! We need a big game from our defense to apply pressure to theirs!

Ok we are ready to go with the whites kicking to the western end

Whites go forward and win the corner! Jan takes it, it bounces short and pops up to Hamood and his header is over the bar
Blackwood go forward with some skill but the whites clear!

Whites forward and Sol is hunting the ball hard but cleared
The ball is up and down the ground you can see their quality but whites up to them at the moment!

Whites control the ball and put pressure on and start to ask questions.
Saba nice ball to Jonny he lays it off and Jan and just wide with the shot.

20 mins gone nil all
Blackwood build the wall and keep pumping it in but the whites hold strong and get a goal kick.

Blackwood go forward and a spare man wide gets the ball and it’s in for the first goal! 1-0 down

Blackwood again but Sammy cuts it off
Whites just losing the tight one on ones at the moment and it’s giving them all the momentum.
Blackwood work the ball forward with one touch passing and they are in for their second, 2-0 down.

We are getting cut up in the middle, Bobby inside the box and could have gone down but it goes over the line for a goal kick.
Whites have not settled into their passing game and