Grads Red are top of the Collegiate League after two wins in four days. The Division 1 Women are also top of their competition.

Meanwhile, here’s a recap of the Division 2 Women’s match from Sunday.

Match report: Division 2 Women

AUSC 1-1 Salisbury Inter
Goal: Steph Keoghan

The match begin without an official referee. A fast-paced match where Adelaide Uni’s passing game was confronted by well organized and counterattacking Salisbury Inter.

The match was at a deadlock until on minute 60, a great play from the left of the pitch delivered the ball to Steph Keoghan’s feet. She converted potential into kinetic energy; smashing the back of the net.

Adelaide Uni maintained pressure until the last minute where, an unchallenged counterattack from Salisbury became a free kick outside the area, which became the match-tying goal and the second goal against of the season.

Adelaide Uni sit on 4th two points from the top.