Adelaide Uni defeated Flinders University in a tense penalty shoot-out to reach the cup quarter finals. Meanwhile, the Whites pip the Blues in the Collegiate derby and the Blacks have perched nicely at the top of the SAASL Premier Division table.

Match report: Division 2 Women

AUSC 2-2 Finders University (AET – Adelaide Uni won on penalties)
Goals: Jenn Phillips, Aleks Mokrzysiak

The weekend’s Cup clash saw AUSC Div 2 women wrestle Flinders Div 2 for a spot on the Quarterfinals.

After 20 minutes of Flinders domination strong counter attacking game from the Blacks maintained pressure and balance. After a few tweaks, Jenn Phillips scored through a scorching long-range effort giving AUSC the lead.

However, two Flinders quick-fire shots from outside the box put Adelaide Uni behind.

The Blacks never gave up and with a quick counter attack, a majestic cross from Naomi
Princi connected with Aleks Mokrzysiak levelling the game with 8 minutes remaining.

AUSC maintained the pressure and had the upper hand, however could not score in extra time.

During the excruciating penalty shootout, it wasn’t until Georgia Oates confidently saved a shot grasping the ball with both hands and helping the Blacks reach the Quarterfinals.

Results – May 20-22


Division 1: 10-0 Division 3
Division 2: 2-2 AET Flinders Flames (AU won on penalties)
Division 5: 0-7 Tea Tree Gully


Under 17 Blue 1-8 PH Knights
Under 15: 6-0 Adelaide Comets
Under 13 Red 2-2 AET Metro United (AU lost on penalties)
Under 13 Blue 2-2 AET Sturt Marion (AU lost on penalties)


Under 12: 14-1 Salisbury United
Under 13: 1-2 Adelaide City
Under 14: 8-0 SA Central
Under 16: 3-2 SA Central


Blacks Premier 2-0 Adelaide Villa
Blacks Reserves 1-0 Adelaide Villa
Blacks C: 4-1 Adelaide Villa

Blacks 3A: 3-3 Murray Bridge
Blacks 3B: 4-0 Murray Bridge
Blacks 3C: 4-1 Gleeson

Collegiate Men

Uni White 1A: 1-0 Grads Blue
Uni White 1B: 6-0 Grads Blue
Uni White 3: 6-3 Woodside
Uni White 4: 9-1 Woodside

Grads Red 1A: 3-2 Sacred Heart
Grads Red 1B: 4-3 Sacred Heart
Grads Red 4: 2-7 Blackwood

Grads Blue 5: 1-2 Mt Barker