First league wins this weekend for Blacks Premier, Blacks Divisions 3A & 3B; Whites Divisions 1A, 1B & 3; Grads Red Div 5; Grads Blue Div 5; Women Division 2!

Women Division 1


Adelaide Uni 7-2 Eastern Elite

Goals: Kiara Fragomeli 3, Fi McDonald, Jess Morelli, Bec Lannan)

The D1s can’t stop scoring as they continued their winning start to the season with a comprehensive 7-2 victory over Eastern Elite.

Kiara Fragomeli took the match ball after her first hat trick for the D1s. Fi McDonald continued her scoring form with a brace and Bec Lannan and Jess Morelli opened their scoring accounts for the season with a goal each.

The D1s look to take their early form into the cup next week.

Women Division 2

Adelaide Uni 4-0 Eastern United

Goals: Mariah Vladimirova, own goal, Bruna Pavei, Aleks Mokrysiak.

The Div 2 team started focused and within 5 minutes took the lead with a powerful volley from Mariah Vladimirova.

The Blacks maintained domination with a passing game but the ball would just not cross the line between the posts. The eleven on the pitch started loosing momentum and for a brief period lost focus to be regained when, during an offensive corner kick, a United player mistakenly helped the Blacks with an own goal. This event re-energized the team and through balls started connecting with the forward line.

A quick double-fire increased the score by two. First from Bruna Pavei who quickly released a low shot which found the net, and next by Aleks Mokrysiak who had the first touch deflected but then scored with her knee. Cruise control ended a well-orchestrated match.

The challenge for the trophy continues as Div 2 are sitting on second on the table.

Results – April 15/16


WNPL 2-4 Adelaide City
WNPL Reserves 2-4 Adelaide City
Division 1: 7-2 EEFC
Division 2: 4-0 Eastern United
Division 3: 0-1 Ingle Farm
Division 4: 1-1 Elizabeth Vale
Division 5: 1-6 Barossa United


Under 17 Red 4-1 Adelaide Comets FC
Under 17 Blue 0-1 Adelaide City
Under 15: 1-2 Campbelltown City
Under 13 Red 1-3 Adelaide Comets
Under 13 Blue 2-2 Campbelltown City
Under 11 def by Fulham United FC


Under 12: 1-3 SA Central


Blacks Premier 3-1 Stirling Districts
Blacks Reserves 1-2 Stirling
Blacks C team 7-2 Stirling
Blacks 3A: 4-3 One Tree Hill
Blacks 3B: 7-2 One Tree Hill
Blacks 3C: 1-1 SPOC

Collegiate Men

Uni White 1A: 8-0 Pulteney Old Scholars
Uni White 1B: 3-1 Pulteney
Uni White 3: 1-6 Mt Barker
Uni White 4: 3-0 Mt Barker
Grads Red 1A: 5-1 Grads Blue
Grads Red 1B: 1-0 Grads Blue
Grads Red 4: 8-0 Woodside Warriors
Grads Blue 5: 3-2 Pembroke Old Scholars