Camilla Trennery post chop photo

Camilla Trennery raised more than $5500 by chopping off her trademark ‘knot’

Division 1 women’s player Camilla Trenerry (you may know her better as the ‘Top Knot’) is running a charity chop fundraiser – with a twist – in order to raise funds for the Alzheimer’s Australia Dementia Research Foundation.

You can either donate to see her trademark ‘Top Knot’ (which she even wore during games) get the chop, or you can donate to Knot (i.e. to see her Top Knot get saved).

Whichever fund has the most money by Saturday November 28 is what she does – so like / share and donate if you can!

More information: Facebook page

To donate: To chop it off webpage  |  To Knot (chop it off) webpage