5th of September and it’s Uni Whites v Rostrevor 2nd v 4th

I got to the game later and Rostrevor were 2-0 up
But Bez was brought down in the box and a penalty to the whites saw Johnny put it away to make it 2-1
From then on the whites have dominated and with some nice play, held up by johnny and Jahn ended up in the box and placing it away for a great goal. 2-2
Up until half time it was all whites!
After half time the whites controlled play should have had a 3rd from a free kick and God knows how we didn’t score it was in the goal line for 30 seconds!
A throw from Eddie a touch from Johnny to Wez and bang it’s in for 3-2! White come from 2 down to hit the front!!!!!

Whites continue to press forward and have shots coming regularly!
Their mid field looks to be running out of gas as the white are inside again but just saved.

Bobby takes a corner and what do you know? 3 corner goals in 3 weeks!! And on goes the mask!!!!!

That’s it from me off to the Footy with 20 mins left to go I have heard 4-2 was the final result! Undefeated

David Wilson.