12th of September the second last game of the year! It’s Uni Whites v Mercedes

We still have a heart beat with a chance of top being 4 points behind Sacred Heart but things are out of our control as they have to lose one draw one minimum.

It’s a great day and is 25 degrees, there a breeze favoring the city end, quite strong and the pitch is in good nick!

Mercedes have nothing to play for but the Whites need to be on their game to remain unbeaten!

at 12.40 the whites start they warm up and Mercedes stand around talking? I highlight n15 as he is clearly a serious PIE eater. They have 3 guys who look like school boys and seem to have different players versus the last game but who knows they may all be Naymer’s!

Whites unchanged and look to be serious about this one! I am going 3-1 whites!!!!!!

Bres revs the boys up as he wants them on their game from the start as they kick into the wind. Jahn talks to the lads and warns them the start is critical and Mercedes will start fast and hard.

Whistle blows and we are away!

Whites control the ball from the start and some good passing see Bez snap a shot and it touched over the bar! Nice start

Mercedes intercept and Glynn make the save and it’s out for a corner. The corner is in the box and is just cleared! They are dangerous up front early

Another corner for Mercedes and the header is wide and the whites breath again

Whites are in and Johnny is there its a certain goal but he is just cut off as he is tackled late (he didn’t see that one coming and the crowd groan) that could have been the first!

20 mins gone nil all

Free kick to Bobby and he curls it in and Saba appears from no where and flicks a great header and it’s in, 1 nil Whites against the wind!

Corner whites and Bez shot is wide

White now dominating as the hit start has gone cold from Mercedes!

They get a shot of and its just wide.

Saba controlling the mid field. Jahn and Bobby tireless running and exposing their opposite numbers, Ollie, Saf, Eddie and Rob are all over the forwards Glynn maintains a clean sheet and everyone look dangerous going forward.

30 mins gone

Ball played in and Johnny traps it has a think, looks around and decides to bang it in! That’s 2 nil whites!

Whites defend as Mercedes continue with the long ball and get a free kick 30 Mtrs out Rob heads it away.

And that’s half time with the whites 2-0

Bres asks for the guys to show composure and attack the defense. We have the wind so is goal time!!!!!!

The Whites start strong and Mercedes look to be wilting to.

Whites push forward and it’s coming!

The whites corner and is cleared

The ball is permanently in the white forward line as Bez take a run and carves the defense to pieces, he hears the call ‘back post’ and a brilliant ball and Johnny (Lotus) bang a DIVING header in for number 3. That was quality! And the crowd erupts in joy and laughter!!

The heat has taken its effect as the game slows to a crawl. Jahn’s face looks as red as the football on the oval next to us but he is loving this victory.

The whites have total control but the game has lost its spark! There’s a bit of heat still in it as a couple of tackles attract free kicks.

The whites have owned the game from around the 20 Minutes Mark.

Bres make his last sub and it him coming on for a cameo. Mercedes are done and dusted as they look for the full time whistle and that full time. A very comprehensive win. All played well

Late news SACRED HEART DREW!!!!!!

That leave the White 2 points off top and if Sacred heart loss to Mt Barker away and the Whites beat SA Uni they go top and Premiers,

Big week coming up, can the whites go unbeaten! And win the title?!? Cannot wait for next week! Rest up lads.

David Wilson.