September 19 final round of the season and the last match report.

Well the Div 4 Uni White remain the only team in the Uni Whites club able to finish top!

Bloody great effort so far but there’s still a huge hurdle in Uni SA today. A win would see the whites keep their unbeaten status for the year and maybe, just maybe grab top spot!

This is the situation; Uni White must win! It doesn’t matter by how much or how. Sacred Heart must lose! They play Mt Barker away which is not an easy game as the mountain men are good at home. If these results go the Whites way the title is theirs!

Team news Jan (correct spelling) is out with a pretty weak excuse appendicitis and had it removed last night at 11pm! Seriously can you believe his luck and what’s more he has made it to the game 12 hours after the operation. One thing for sure the boys will miss their cultural leader!

The rumor is Eddie will step into the midfield and fill the spot but that then breaks up what has been the best defense in the competition. We will see what happens. The key is to focus on our game as we have no control over the other one.

This is a very interesting game as SA Uni have had a checkered season being stripped of all points due to playing unregistered players along with a heated clash last time they played the Whites which nearly came to blows!!!!

The story is that they are back to full strength having fixed their registration issues???? Not sure why or how that could be done?
But anyway it will be game on, big time! Uni SA were 2nd before the points were stripped!
The pre game view is:

At 12.30 everyone is here for the whites and doing some warm ups. Maybe a good sign SA only have 7 players here and seem pretty disinterested! Let’s hope they had a few Crows supporters who went to Melbourne for last nights match however I doubt it.
The pitch is in pretty good nick, there’s no breeze of note and 21 degrees. A perfect day for football.

The way of the game is uni SA love having the ball and taking the game on, they are a skillful team but can be sloppy defending and give away a heaps of free kicks. The whites need to control their aggressive reply and beat them with strong quick attacks and a tight defense.

Bres addresses the boys and is clear we can not concede early. He asks for control and time! Bobby cops a serve for wearing a thermal top under his jumper, stupid award of the year apparently?

Jan has his say and warns the guys they like the middle so be aware, put pressure on them once they get to half way. Don’t get sucked in to dumb tackles and take your chances.

8 mins from the start and I don’t see a ref?
Yes we have a ref issue, there isn’t one?????? Not ideal given its an important game.
Bres goes over to the opposition and discusses the problem I can see him on his phone as it’s 1pm and we should be playing?
1.05 and we have Dan’s dad who has stepped in to referee.

1.10 and we are under way
A lightning start as SA charge at goal and it’s smashed over the bar,
The whites break and nice move into the box but saved.
Great run Eddie and he cut back but Wes hits it over the bar, great play

Whites break again and good ball from Bobby, bez in and pushes over the top.
Again whites in but saved, it’s a fast pace, no room and intense.
Free kick to SA 39 Mtrs out and it’s way over the bar.

10 mins gone and this is a cracker!
Rob cuts off a good ball in and then Saba the same, then Bobby the same.
Long ball Johnny header, Bez header and Eddie runs on to it and he is one on one and it’s just wide. It wasn’t easy.

A bad tackle and it’s on number 19 goes on with it and now n11 wants to smack Johnny! The ref calls 30 second stop to the game for everyone to calm down.

Game starts again and it’s still heated n11 will try to hurt someone.
The game has settled after 30 mins
Corner SA and Rob heads in away
Whites corner and great ball and Saba over top

And there’s the first card Yellow as a tackle takes Darren down free kick no good
And the ball is played in from the left and a header scores the first for SA and the Whites are 1 nil down!

SA get a turnover from middle field and it’s a lob over Glynn and it bounces in for 2 nil
Whites must find something big from here! They try to push and no doubt SA defense is sus

That’s half time and we have a long road ahead of us but I will make a call they are weak at the back and will run out of steam so we are a chance!

Second half under way

It’s a positive start and then Saf a touch late and n11 goes down in a heap! Oh look he’s ok… wanker!

Glynn saves a soft shot and the whites push forward and are playing a lot better!
Corner whites and Saf stabs it over the bar
Corner whites from Bobby great ball and rob rises but doesn’t get enough on it and out for a goal kick

As they slow down they hack away again and a clear card probably red and they are a dirty team who take cheap shots! Really pathetic play and disappointing for the competition enough of my rant!

23 mins in and the whites need one badly

Corner whites and it’s SAF but wide
Fast break by SA and they are in n10 chips their 3rd
Another throw in and it’s their 4th.

Can I say there is no Football God as this is rubbish, I acknowledge they are a good team but as sportsman and playing for the game they are a disgrace to football and I am please they have been caught cheating and finish bottom!!!

The game here is over but I need to say the boys have had a fantastic year and deserve to be acknowledged as such. The defense has been brilliant all year, midfield bloody awesome and up front some great goals! The boys should be proud of their year and well done Bres as the most successful coach!
It’s now 5 nil

The game ends

Bres addresses the boys – some times things don’t go your way and we had to have a go at winning and he was proud for the group! Great season whites! Sacred heart won 4-2.

David Wilson, over and out.