Well it’s Thursday night and the vital 4th test starts at Trent Bridge tonight at about 7.30 which has me wonder why the hell am I standing in the South Parklands waiting to watch the scratch match between Uni white 3s and 4s versus St. Paul’s div 5 team.

Maybe it’s I haven’t seen a win for awhile? Or could it be the amazing talent on display as I am the only spectator???

Anyway it’s actually not to bad as the cold has not set in whilst the ground is quite damp from either rain or dew but who really cares? Again logistics were in disarray as the div 4 boys all arrive at 6.30 but we will not be taking the field till about 8pm????

Communication is a significant area for focus!

The ground is very long and it would hurt if the council invested some of their 100 million planned for Victoria square of a lawn mower as the ground look more like a sheep paddock.
St Paul’s have a stylish yellow strip with blue sleeves and it’s clear a number of there players have had dinner before the game as they look quite well conditioned. The lighting looks like it was left over from the fringe.

The game is underway and the whites look sharp early! after 10 mins whites have looked the likely team to score as St. Paul’s are slow at the back and I fell they will be exposed.
There’s the first for the whites as a shot from the corner of the box and solid hit and curls in for 1 nil on the near post.

St. Paul’s have had a couple of chance but more due to some sloppy work at the back.
The second goal comes at 22 mins and the whites have now got total control as the chasing and run of St Paul’s is starting to show signs of stopping.
The only play they have is the long ball and it nearly works as a shot hits the bar.