Well the day has arrived for what is the top of the table clash in Div 4.
Without being dramatic the Whites have to win to keep their chances alive of winning the title!

It’s another overcast day but I think the rain will stay away.
We are at the pitch on Brighton rd and it looks in reasonable condition with no wind today so there will be no scoring end due to conditions. This is going to be the best team wins type of game.

Our defense has a huge job as their stats indicate they are a high scoring side but our defense has stood tall all year. If we can hold them early pressure does some funny things to people’s heads.
Scared Heart as we know have a couple of giants but hopefully that may effect their mobility. They look a good unit and at home will be hard to beat.

For the first time this year we had the Ref address the squad and explain his view on how he will manage the game and his expectations of all players! Very interesting and I feel was of good value.

Starting team: Bobby, Rob,Saba, Bez, Wes, Ollie, Saf, Eddie, Eugene, Jahn, Hamood

And we are away!
The early play see some nice passing from both side with an early call for handball from the whites but no whistle. A long range hit from Bez and it’s saved heading for the top corner.
Nice play through the middle and Bez again is on target but saved again.
Corner to Sacred heart and Jahn cool as a cucumber clears the attack.

10 mins gone nil all
Corner to the whites and Wes drops a deep ball in and Rob’s header is just wide.
Bez a brilliant runs as he cuts them apart at the back and his shot is touched over the bar!
Another attack from the whites and Saba’s shit is wide! Good period for the whites

15 mins and there’s a yellow to number 16 clearly a foul
It starts to get willing as Sacred heart feel the pressure!
Whites in again and Bez header is saved again.

20 mins gone nil all
Hamood is down as he is hit in his privates and he looks a little sore. He’s up and commits to a tackle and unfortunately it’s a yellow card.

30 mins gone and whites have clearly been the better side
Saf doing a great job on the giant as he is getting very frustrated!
Corner sacred heart and a great save from Eugene as he tips it over the bar.

40 mins gone nil all
Nice ball in and Wes meets the keeper and we look for a ‘hand of Wes’ but just short.

And that’s half time.
The whites have dominated the first half and have been unlucky not to be in front.
The boys are up and about at half time. Bres praises the team for what has been a game of real quality from his charges.

Second half underway and we lose the ball in the middle and they are in and have scored! 1 nil down.

5 mins gone and they are in again for number 2. Very disappointing

Whites still fighting hard and need one back
Eddie great run and down he goes in the box and it’s a penalty. Johnny steps up and smashed it in the back of the net 2-1.

Here we come!!!!

20 mins gone
Whites continue to apply the pressure they have nothing to lose.
Some nice work as the whites go forward but we can’t get a clean shot away. The pressure is building.

35 gone and we really need one now as time is slipping away!
Sacred heart free and it’s over the line for a goal kick
Whites go short at the back and work it to the midfield. Throw in whites and they push again.
Corner whites taken short to Eddie back to Johnny and it’s on target but pushed away.

The throw in and Bres rises like an eagle and his header is in!!!!!!!!

2-2 with 3 mins left
Bez is in and saved by their keeper
Last play and it’s a free kick but it’s over the top and that will be full time and it ends 2 all

A effort everyone can be proud of But not enough to get the points! Sacred Heart had a 10 min purple patch which got them their goals however the whites were clearly the best team. The Whites remain undefeated for the year.