Saturday the 8th of August and its Prembroke v Uni whites at Barrett reserve.

Pre game – Well this is a massive one! 2nd v 4th.

Uni white now sit second on the ladder with a game in hand against the bottom side Mt Barker so 9 points off Top stop.
They should beat Mt barker so the margin if we bank that game is 6 points. Prembroke are 4 points behind the Whites on 19
The interesting stat is Uni whites 23 goals for and 15 against and Pembroke 21 for and 15 against.
Looking at that stat I will think whoever can get 2 in the back of the net WINS! Time will tell.

The day is overcast but no rain and the pitch is in crap condition and control of the ball will be difficult. The wind is coming from the north straight down the pitch and again I feel the southern end will be the scoring end. After Thursday night it has become clear Bres has missed his calling as his performance as Ref was outstanding!

Back to today
Prembroke look solid in the warm up and my guess is they will have pace. They are quite enthusiastic but have spent 15 mins on every player taking shots at goal? It’s clear both defenses are strong only conceding 15 goals each for the year, this maybe the key to victory. Their keeper look good and strong but doesn’t move sideways to well.

ELP starts tonight which is very exciting and was a topic of discussion before the game.
Today’s squad Saba, Bres, Bez, Wes, Rob, Nick, Dan, Matt, Bobby, Jahn, Johnny, Eddie, Darren, hamood.
The toss is done and the whites kick into the wind. So defense the key early!

Underway in our biggest match for the year.
Early free kick to Pembroke and its Rob’s head that puts it out!
Another free kick and again cleared at the back for the whites!
The wind is a factor!
Whites push forward and the shots wide! It’s game on as the pace is a cracker
The whites defend high which is working ok
Another free kick and Rob again the heads away and he does it again from the corner fantastic defense. As I thought with the wind it is all Pembroke in the first half.
Pembroke in and it hits the bar and over the top!

25 mins gone
Corner Pembroke and Glynn makes the save!
31 in and Nick off with