1st Augusta 2015 Uni. White v Mt. barker. GAME POSTPONED!
This game is now looking as if it will be played during the upcoming cup round? There are no Div 4 side left in the cup rounds coming up. Stay tuned
The match schedule for today was 3rd versus bottom and will be a must win for the whites.
The whites sit 6 points off top and with sacred heart leading the way and they due to play grads reds (a danger game as last time they met it was only 2-0) this round.
What is going on in division 4 as it’s been reported there’s has been a disgraceful incident during the Uni SA and Rostrevor match recently. It is alleged a SA Uni spectator has invaded the pitch and ‘Fly kicked’ a Rostrevor player!!! Whilst when we played Rostrevor they had many sooks and whingers it is absolutely unacceptable for this to happen in what is a competition for those who love their football, respect the game and the opposition.
The game was abandoned and did not finish with a result.
My understanding is there has been a tribunal hearing but no decision has been reached?
Currently looking at the ladder it indicates both sides have only played 10 games 1 less than all other Div 4 teams? Who knows what will be the decision and if points will be effected or what the penalty will be?????
This type of behavior needs a very strong response and heavy penalty in my opinion. An example needs to be made of the behavior in this situation as assaulting an innocent person trying to enjoy his sport is ridiculous! Further action through the correct authority (police) would not be unreasonable or unexpected.
Whilst every story has 2 sides I cannot imagine any reason for someone to run on to a ground physically attack ( a Fly kick you coward) a player particularly from a spectator!!!
We will keep everyone up to date with the outcome!

Uni whites run home is as follows
Rd 12 MT Barker – bottom
Rd 13 Pembroke – 5th
Rd 14 sacred heart – top
Rd 15 Immanuel – 4th
Rd 16 Rostrevor – 6th
Rd 17 Mercedes – 7th
Rd 18 Uni SA – 2nd

So it is all there to be done!
Sacred heart have the same draw with one difference they have Unley and do not play Immanuel. There is no doubt they will drop points!

Just a heads up the EPL starts next weekend so get your fantasy teams in if your a player! Big year for LFC ?

Comment on the Adam Goodes saga – no comment as what ever you say someone will be offended and I like everyone too much! All I know treating people without confrontation and aggression and with some respect normally work for me. That’s on whatever side of the fence you sit on?

Having 3 week off and limited training recently it will be important the team does as much work as possible this week.
Not much else to report so I will pop on Sky racing and flip between the races and the footy in front of the fire! ( maybe a nice red or two later this afternoon) See you all next week which is Pembroke away.

David ‘wordsmith’ Wilson.