4th of July 2015 Uni White v Grads Reds White record 5w 3d 1L and grads Red 2w 2d 5L.

The whites are 3rd on the ladder and Reds 8th, this is a must win! The whites are 4 points off the top 2 teams and can still challenge with a string of wins to come. It’s a warm day and no rain expected, very still so scoring at both ends is on the cards. I take a brief moment to touch on the terrible news yesterday as we all know as sports people the loss of Phil Walsh is something that resonates with us all. As I type this I would like to recognize that this tragedy has impacted everyone and we offer our condolences.

The pre game preview:
12.34 grads Red sit in a circle as they have 9 players here!
Uni whites do some stretching with 12 player here.
Grads reds tops looks like they are wearing camouflage gear (what a shocker) I can only guess there was a massive discount when purchasing their guernseys!!!
From first impressions of Grads Reds is it looks like I am watching a Hobbit movie with a heap of dwarfs or the under 15s as they have a number of very small players. This may mean speed?


6 of their player jogged 60 meters and that’s it so far! 9 players here.
I have seen enough 3-1 my prediction!
Whites welcome Matty Bates and Nick Kalfas into the squad for this crucial clash.
There has been a shaky start as the Whites are not sure what colors they are wearing??? Bres looked confused!


Reds now have a team just!
A first for the year Bres participate in the warms up!!!!
This may be a big day!
First half starts and whites to the Melbourne at. End

1.04pm start
1.07 and the early play goes with the Reds but no real chance
1.11 whites go forward but things are tight. A switch and reds go forward with good chance but can’t score
1.14 first free kick and its to the reds….blocked by the ball
The whites have not found their Mojo yet!
1.23 ball in by Phil and just wide by Johnny best play today
1.25 and the the ball is somehow worked into the box and Reds score. 1 nil down
1.27 reds forward again but great save Glynn!
1.34 whites start to settle and some encouraging moves forward with the best being a bear miss as Phil popped it over the top.
1.44 free kick to the Whites and it ends up with Eddie and his shot is just wide. 40 mins gone still down. First sub Fraruz off and Bres on!
1.49 and that’s half time

The Whites started to look ok but are well below their best at the moment this is their biggest half of the year coming!!!!

Second half starts at 1.57
1.58 Whites corner and Matty puts a perfect ball in and Bres rises like a Phoenix and what a header! Straight in the back of the net!!! 1 all (we may never get him off)

2.04 and whites now on top and another corner….. Over the pack and out for a throw to us. No luck with the throw but we are all over them.
2.07 Ball to the corner flag and Ollie wins it in and Phil’s volley is just over the top
2.11 Saba through the middle and guess who? Johnny is on and places it perfectly and that 2-1 whites lead! What a come back still a long way to go!

2.14 and a corner to whites and cry is for handball but the ref gives nothing.
2.19 reds forward and Glynn try’s to get there and spills the catch and they are in for the equalizer!

Game on!
2.23 Saba a Bomb in and Johnny hits it and off the keeper and a defender and just over the top! Should have been 3
2.26 and a great in but ref calls off side no way!!!!!!!!!
2.27 – 30 mins gone
2.31 and Saba is on after a long run as everyone stops for an off side and it goes wide!
2.33 and a corner to whites but it’s cleared
2.35 and Nick wins a great tackle at the back
40 mins gone
Now or never
Ball in from Phil and Bres and Johnny both have cracks at it but no Goal!!!!!

3 mins left
Whites go again and great ball in from Nick and Phil’s shot is saved
Last play and it’s a corner Bobby step up but cleared and that’s full time!

A 2 all draw, the crap performance from the Ref this week and a clear game that got away both many opportunities and too many mistakes.
Bres addresses the boys and make it crystal clear it was a poor performance and we let it go! Happy with the endeavor but too many dumb mistakes! To me unlucky as the scoring shots on goal whites 15 reds 3. Best Phil, Saba, Eddie, Matt. We now go to the break.

David Wilson.