Well as per usual we are not sure where we are playing as we drive up and down Greenhill rd. Without doubt we would be the worst traveling teams in Australia in any competition or any code as we never really know where the hell we are playing!!! Consensus says we are in the parklands on the corner of Pultney and Greenhill so that’s where we stop!!!!

Anyway we are here and it’s a cold day but the sun has made an appearance which is welcome. Interesting there’s a small creek that has formed on the side of the pitch due to overnight rain!
Today is a must win as Unley are down the bottom and after some average performance the white need the win to stay in contention for the title
Warm up seems very low key at 12.35pm nothing from either team? It seems if everyone is waiting for the Coffee cart? (Thanks Jahn)

Outs Ollie, Eddie, Matt, Phil
In Jahn, Darren, Jason, Wes

Whilst Unley had a 10 nil defeat last week many changes to the whites will be a challenge for them to Gel?
The pitch is wet, cut up in patches and will need the winning team to be direct will no fancy stuff as the ball will skid.
It is bloody cold
Looking at Unley as they do a few run throughs I don’t think pace is an asset! They currently have 10 players sort of warming up! We have another demos Rossos on the opposition who seems to be a little weight challenged! Whites go through their match simulation drill as Unley stand around doing nothing?
prediction 4-1but who knows!!!!

First half under way on what is a smallish pitch at 1.02pm and we have chosen to kick into the wind in the first half, why?!?

Whites apply some pressure early and the turnover to Jahn who push one a bit to long
A free kick 30 Mtrs out as Saba goes down.
Johnny take it and it’s push over the bar for a corner. Good effort.

It’s blocked and cleared
7 mins in and Unley go forward and Bobby takes it out for a throw.
10 mins whites push forward through Saba but cut off when looking dangerous
20 mins
Unley forward and a shot away but good save from Glynn
White in attack and Nick on the right pumps one over the top! Good play from the whites
The whites fly forward after a great ball from Jahn and Nick hits it and its a hand ball! Penalty!!!!

Bobby steps up to take it and hit it hard but the keeper gets a foot in the way and it’s saved!

25 mins and the Whites push again Jahn through and the shot wide. looking better.
Jahn with some of the best yelling all year Marshall’s the troops with a magnificent spray.
I just hope he hasn’t wasted to much energy!!!
Wes with a great ball through but Johnny, can’t get enough on it and it’s saved,
30mins gone and a cross in from Unley and it drift over everyone and is stabbed in!!!! 1 nil down shit!

The ball is up and down the ground with some poor turnovers and passing from both sides
Unley forward and a flick off a head and it’s in for 2 nil! Bloody hell what’s happening?!?!

The whites try again and a corner delivered to Rob and a solid header is saved by the keeper.
43 mins gone and Unley get a sus hand ball but Good save from Glynn as the free kick was on target
A great ball from Jahn and it’s going to be a clash as the keeper coming out and the rebound off Johnny and its in that’s 2-1!

45 mins and Unley go forward shot on goal is in, what the hell is going on 3-1. There looked to be a hand ball against Unley but the Ref left it go???

Half time and this will be the biggest half of the year!
Bres is calm at half time and ask the guys to control the ball as the opportunities will come. I still feel the whites can win!

Second half underway
The whites have the wind and start with the ball in their front half as they look for an early goal.
Unley defend well but the pressure builds. Saba a shot on goal but straight at the keeper.
How about this, Started with Dan at the back winning the ball to Rob, his crucial touch and Saba takes over and weaves a magic run & passes to Jahn and its in with a quality finish. 3-2 down and they are coming!!!!!!!

Nick gets the ball wide and the cross finds Johnny and he slips it pass the keeper and it’s in 3-3 game on!

20!mins gone second half plenty of time left
It’s become a stalemate but the whites still trying for the winner
Corner Unley but cleared by Jahn
Whites with a corner but cleared I think the goal can come from the passing game as the whites look better!
18 mins left by my calculations.
Saba on goal and just wide! Rob killing them at the back as he has cleared nearly every ball and created great plays from the back!
Jahn lets fly from from 25 out and it’s pushed wide!
Bobby great run and cross but Bres only get a bit of it and his header is saved.

5 mins left!!!

Now or never !
Saf in and runs through the middle a great pass and the shot is just wide! Again down the wing and the ball floats across the goal but no ones there!
It’s time up and another Draw 3-3 and of all the games this year that’s one we should have won!

Bres happy with the come back and spirit but only the 1 point, now to the break on 5 wins 5 draws and only 1 loss.