27th of June and again it’s a top of the table clash Uni whites v SA Uni!

A big game
First impression as I arrived back from Hong Kong yesterday (great trip) is I am still there as it looks as if we are playing Pohang Steelers! They look skilled and quick however as we know it’s about the contest at the ball and this will be the key to success. The Whites need to bring their hard game to win!
Pohang look typically an Asian team, thin bodies with not much height but will be skilled and fast!

It’s a fantastic day weather wise and this may well be the game that sets up the season!
A home game for the whites and the question is can the whites remain undefeated? My prediction is we at least 3 in the net and we win! The question I ask is will Pohang chase back when we have the ball and we are challenging their defense?
3-2 whites

Pohang’s warm up is standard no running and all about tricks and touch so no surprises there. They did no contested work at all and will rely on turnovers and clear play with the ball to take control! 90 mins is a long time to hold out a skillful side but the Whites have the best defense in the comp! Game on!!!!!!
Toss is done and we kick to the city end.

First half underway
The whites attack and great ball from Jahn and Wes just gets cut off by a defender, great play!
Pohang get the ball and there it is a heap off passes but we cut them out. I am telling you now pressure is the key as their defending is suss.
Corner whites and its out for a second. This one is swung in but cleared by the keeper.
Early call their supporters are the biggest mob a wankers all year!!!
Ball runs across the box and Ollie smashes it but just saved. Whites Looking good and they don’t like the physical stuff! Saba’s ball in and across the goal but just misses Faruiz head
Bobby wins a free and Jahn goes to the back post but just misses a swing leg.
Whites forward again and the pressure is good
Corner to the Whites and Bobby find Faruiz and his header is just wide!
20 mins in great run by Eddie and a brilliant ball in, Phil on the volley and is just over the top.

Corner to the whites and Jahn puts it in and Saba just wide with the header, another corner see a header out by Pohang but Wes pumps in over the top.

A corner to Pohang and