Top of the table clash and let’s be clear this is the biggest game of the year as the gap could be 1 point or 7 points at the end of the match! Bres has rallied the lads in the new change rooms for a pre match address as the coach knows the importance of today’s game!

Pre game summary – SHOC look a solid unit however couple of boys have been grazing in the top paddock as they are carrying a bit extra! Number 15 (or the giant from game of Thrones or Hodor ) towers over what is a reasonable short side! They look to be well skilled in the warm up and it’s set to be a good game!

First half underway as the whites kick the Melbourne st. end. The Ref seems quite uninterested as he lets a couple of free kicks go early!

The whites get the first corner but no one get on the end of it! At the other end corner to them and cleared easily. SHOC seem to be allowing some space in the middle and the whites have had a couple of chances the best a cross from Phil just couldn’t find a head!

First sub of the game as one of their players goes down with a hammie! Bad luck

A curling shot from bobby is saved by the keeper.

Whites are taking it to them as they continue to push forward. 30 mins in no score!

There is a yellow as their captain can’t keep his mouth shut (he must be related to their coach) and the ref warns him to be quite but he just can’t help himself and pow there it is Yellow! Love idiots don’t you?

A Searching ball forward again from the whites as they are clearly the better side

Second sub for SHOC as an ankle injury see the change made!

Rob (the rock) is clearing everything and working across the back, he’s making it his own.

Bobby is subbed off and Faruiz Comes on!

Ollie charges down the right and his cross turns into a Shot and just goes over the top!

Half Time whistle and the Whites had a great half and unlucky not to be leading!

Bres happy at half time and ask the boys to take their chances “we are killing them lets take some more shots” he bellows as he revs them up.

I had the pleasure of watching the game on the SHOC side of the ground and I can confirm their coach is a loud mouth dickhead! I invited him to perhaps get on the ground and show everyone how to play given he offered consistent advic