Today we are at the Waite playing fields for what will be an interesting clash as it 5th v 3rd and a must win game to keep the dream Alive for the Whites. The boys look pumped and seem to be set for a big one today! Mercedes quite honesty look like a mob of blokes who have lost a dare and shouldn’t be here! If they were a horse in the mounting yard you would reach for a gun to put them out of there misery!!! Highlights looking at their team is 4 beards and 2 beer guts no.15 and the keeper!

Bres was quite tactical in his address which drew some blank looks but he encouraged the boys to play their game take their time when they have it and own the ball! Bres as a true gentleman asked is there any questions which was met with silence.

I am predicting 3-0 minimum victory! And a red card is a chance!
It’s a belter winter day with the winter sun best on ground so far!
The toss is done and the whites kick to the city end!

The first half in underway!
Whites in early and we get the corner, the cross is in by Johnny and Ollie’s header is pounced on and Saf. Scores 1 nil the whites inside 1 minute!!!!

A ridiculous free kick to Mercedes and its cleared! Soft
Mercedes seem to have no system, average skills and are hackers as a bad tackle see a free kick for the whites.
Whites break through the middle and nice tight play sees the ball inches long and a goal kick.

No.15 is sweating like a fat pig!
Whites have a free a long way out and Bobby put it in but it’s taking by the keeper! Nice ball
A loose ball and Mercedes get their first shot at goal but well wide.
Brilliant play Bobby to Saba a fantastic weighted ball and Faruiz scores 2-0. Play of the day!

Corner to the whites and a quality ball from Johnny and Rob smashes it into the back of the net! I think the net needs to be repaired after that strike!
A bit of argy bargy no.13 introduces himself to Johnny!

I can feel Mercedes boiling as frustration kick in from them being totally out played! Red coming!
Whites continue to dominate and another corner with Ollie just wide!
Mercedes go forward and tap the ball around until a no threat shot is way wide!

The ball is lost at the back and I can’t believe it, Mercedes score! 3-1
A great ball in and Saba denied by the keeper
Corner to the whites but too long and posession is kept and in again but cleared!
Great play again and 2 shots across the face of goal and that could have been the 4th
An unbelievable tackle and has to be a card but no!!!!! WTF! Mercedes should be down to 10 Men!

And that’s half time! A solid half and unlucky to concede. All played well but still a half to go!

Bres calls the boys in and its clear we should be hurting them more, he is pleased with the way we are playing but has asked for us to take them on even more as they will give up more goals, we are all over them! Bres Wisdom! “The key to the game is to concentrate when you get the ball and control it” Great words of wisdom!!!!!

Second half starts.
Mercedes kick off and work it across the ground and put it straight out !!!!! Hopeless!
Jahn in for a tackle and our ball as its over the line, a real highlight his commitment, good signs.

Corner to Mercedes and a solid save by Glynn
Corner whites, it clears the pack and Ollie hits it nicely but saved by beer gut 2
The whites push forward after the first yellow and its in Johnny and he scores!!! but NO denied, as the ref claims handball and Johnny misses out!

Mercedes push forward and in the box a player goes down and its a penalty! It’s in and things get interesting as its 3-2 and 25 mins left!

Another attack from Mercedes and it floats across goal! The whites need to tighten up!!!
I feel I should see Lebron out there as the ref is giving the softest free I have ever seen!
Wait a minute! Mercedes have only scored again this is ridiculous (buy a lottery ticket you clowns) and it’s 3 all things are being tested at the back and the Whites season is on the line! 15 minutes left!

The boys look tired as they try to push for the winner!
Mercedes free kick and its cleared.
This Ref may as well be wearing a green top as he again give them a free 30 Mtrs out and it’s just wide! Very close!
A corner to Mercedes and Glynn get a hand on it to give another corner. This one results in a headed wide!

The whites attack and Bez chips the keeper and it misses by an inch! Bres look to sub Johnny as he is done! But wait he thinks I will have to go out there and run around!

In the mean time
Bez is on again again and he cuts back the pass to Johnny he turns and its in!!!!! 4-3 Bres the visionary! Whites must hold now! 38 mins gone!

The white get a free kick outside the box and its an easy save! 5 mins left!!!! The defense holds up well under pressure and that it, its full time 4-3 win! So much for the prediction.

A win, what can I say we gave up 3 and should not have let them back in! But a critical win and the losers can go and suck it up! Unbeaten in 2015!

As seen and written, by David Wilson.