As I gaze across the foot hills and ponder how the hell did they get there, why do people live there and who planted all those trees I am snapped back into the very purpose I am here as it’s time for the mighty Uni Whites to send a message shuddering through the Div 4 competition “That they are a title contenders!”

Sitting a prominent 2nd on the ladder and unbeaten in the division in 2015 it is today they must separate themselves from the pack and claim a stake as the team to beat. With 3 wins and 1 draw the Whites have only Sacred Heart ahead of them on the ladder with 4 wins. They have both played 2 of the same teams and won however Rostrevor today’s opponent lost 2-3 to Sacred Heart and will be the Whites biggest challenge to date!

Also there is a big goal difference between the whites and sacred heart but Uni White have conceded less goals for the year. (Great side are built on great defense). So what a test for the boys and Bres has made it no secret it’s time for everyone to step it up! I reflect on the “what if’s” over the last few weeks but quickly realize that is pointless as the scoreboard is never wrong and getting it done is all that counts! Today is that day!

Rostrevor have 7 for & 7 against goals recorded this year so they can score but can leak as well!

Looking at them in my regular pre game assessment I can report they look a fit side with No.81 the exception with a bit of blueberry muffin top on display. A state of the art ‘standing in a circle and kick to each other’ dominates the warm up and they seem very casual but confident! A few run throughs (10 Mtrs) and their done? This pitch has a cricket pitch in the middle and pace will be the key to the game?

The match starts with the white going down hill away from the school. 3 mins in and Rostrevor dominate and they are through on the left and a curling strike for a goal! Whites 1 nil down early and a poor start!

8 mins in and the whites go forward for a corner and the header is wide. The whites seem to have settled but Rostrevor’s passing has been good, I am not sold as it looks a bit in hope but paying off!

Man down! No.44 stretching for a ball looks to have done a hamie and is subbed off!

I can tell why they have let goals through as they abuse each other down back as the whites start to press.

The ball is fed to Bez in the middle and a the long range shot is wide but the whites starting to look better

35 gone and a clear penalty should have been given to the whites but the ref 80 Mtrs away does nothing!!!!

Here we go no.11 goes down and claims to be head butted by Rob (who would not hurt a fly) what a disgraceful dive and Rob gets a yellow WTF!

I have not experienced a bigger pack of wingers in my life! No.11 hang your head in shame you pretty boy actor! Half time arrives and still 1-0 down. If we get the first in the second half it could be the best half of the year!

And we are away in the second half!

1st corner to the whites but too long. Rostrevor look to have slowed I expect subs will be a factor

The white make the first subs to inject some change, free kick to the whites ollie swings it in and Rob on the end of it went just wide!

White draw another free kick and this time too long.

15 mins in and it’s turned into a scrap and Rostrevor make their third sub. Muffin off!

Great ball out of defense and a nice touch from Johnny on to Bez and bang there it is 1-1 as he beats the keeper to his right!!!! The whites are coming!

The whites do some great defending and off they go again down the left wing looking dangerous but it ends up over sideline

The whites full on attack back and across the box and the cross comes in and it’s a goal!! Great header by Lev!!

……. but a dispute from the linesman ( their linesman the former cheat) and now it’s a penalty and Johnny to take it? It’s saved but the rebound comes back to Johnny and he puts it in!!!! 2-1 whites lead!!!!!!! Why no red? Why did it have to be retaken? It’s a boiling pot and I love it!

Rostrevor with a long throw and out over the sideline, another one and out she goes again! Another one and out again!!!! Tomas take a bow son!!! First to the ball everytime!

In again and a header wide we can breath!

Holy shit super sub is on as the coach Bres is on!

A dangerous free kick and it wide we breath again!

Whites push wide and Wez with some fancy foot work clears!

Forward we go and clearly no left foot Johnny!!! Wide it goes

The whites hold as Rostrevor throw everything at them.

Another free in mid field for Rostrevor but too long! The sun is fantastic lovely and warm

Corner to Rostrevor and their in!!! No a magnificent save from Glynn and there the final whistle and its a 2-1 win to the undefeated whites! Warning they are coming!!!!!

Bres goes to the ref and asked ref why no red and his answer I will not answer that????? Doesn’t matter the win is complete!

Great performance in the second half! Saber was crucial in the midfield as well!

Uni whites D’s are the real deal! That’s it!

David ‘wordsmith’ Wilson.