It’s a reasonably clear day down near the beach and as the table tells us it is tight at the top! Sacred Heart 5 wins and 15 points, Uni White 4 wins 1 draw 13 points and Uni SA 3w 1d and 1L on 10 points. Today’s game will be tough as Immanuel are mid table and have performed well against the top sides drawing with Mercedes and Uni SA! This is one will need to see the boys at there best away from home to get the points! Scoring Goals will be the key! (No kidding genius) if the whites can put 2 away the stats say they cannot be beaten!

My prediction 2-1 win with the whites defense again a critical factor! As I wait for the pre game warm ups to start I ponder what happen to Marine Land that use to be just down the road and the 2 dolphins they had? I wonder how many of the current team have had a Sunday session at the Grand? Will the salt air bring out the best in the unbeaten whites and finally as a plane flys over how the hell do they stay in the sky! Anyway back to the warm ups and Immanuel look like a side with experience and youth they took some time in a huddled talking tactics and seem switched on for the match. Their warm up was well organIsed and they are a team to be dealt with! This will be a challenge. The whites lads inspecting the pitch a keen to play on what looks like a fantastic surface of artificial turf! This is a great set up down here and this should be a belter! The breeze is favoring the southern end which could be the scoring end? Bres instructions – play to feet, use the width but it’s a big pitch so play smart there’s 2 halves!

The first half starts and The whites are kicking to the northern end after Jahn the captain for today has the toss.

Early yellow after a late tackle puts some pressure on Immanuel

7 mins and a free kick to Immanuel but easy save!

A corner to the whites is cleared and then quick free kick and a shot saved. The whites seem to be enjoying the smooth surface and looking good. 72 for them looks the man with some searching runs early!

Immanuel get the free and it’s poked wide!

Throw in and a shot on goal by Eddie and just saved should have been 1 nil to the whites! Up the other end and a poor corner!

Another corner for Immanuel and great clearance by Ollie

Corner to the whites after another good run from Eddie

Now a free kick 25 Mtrs out and Bez fires it over the top!

The ball is pushed forward by Immanuel against the play and these a bit of confusion at the back and it’s in! Goal Immanuel. Not one the boys would want to relive! But our first real mistake for the year!

The ball hold up into the breeze is causing an issue as they are closing us down too quickly!

Whites work the ball nicely into Bez but just wide!

Late in the first half and if the whites can hold the wind will help in the second half. Corner whites and Johnny delivers to Rob but the keeper saves and that’s half time

Second half starts.

Eddie burst down the left and draw a corner but nothing. The white are putting the squeeze on and with some control should see a result. It’s raining and I am heading for the under cover grandstand

Whites. Look dangerous and Johnny gets a gets a great pass from Suba and its in! 1 all!!!!!

Whites on fire!

The key now is to defend when they come in the counter But things looking good!

Immanuel sub as they are running out of seam

Foul and Immanuel get a free kick in the edge of the box and its just wide!

20 mins gone and all getting tired this will be a battle to the end.

The rain is belting down as the whites push for a winner and the tackle are becoming sloppy from Emmanuel I am predicting a penalty late!

Another sub and the whites have made all there changes.

The game just slows a little and no real influence by either team as the skills are tested in the rain. Immanuel have worked themselves back into it and the boys struggle to have any real system. The effort is there but some luck is needed to create the opportunity. The game is clearly being over ref’d as the free kicks come one after another. It looks like it could be a draw late in the game as no team is making effective progress! The last 25 mins have been messy!

The ball is consistently pushed wide look for the chance to break for one more goal but that’s it full time. A disappointing 1 all draw and whilst undefeated it was the one that got away! Without doubt a telling game and the hard surface took its toll on the whites as they just couldn’t maintain what was an excellent 15 minutes at the start of the second half. All tried hard but a number of things, surface, size of ground, weather and location work against the whites playing at their best!

David Wilson.