Well played sat. Everyone try and get to training tues and thurs this week.

Game on sat, generally good, short one touch stuff was very good but we need to switch on the deck a little more. We lost concentration for about 10mins at the end of the first half and paid for it with a goal.

Second half was good, slowed it down and controlled the game once we went 3-1 and 4-1 up. Was hard to pick best players, but I’d say Anoop, Maka, James & Alex T were strong.

Key points:

  • Needed to switch the ball a little sooner on occasion (tho I did enjoy 1 touch passing down the wing)
  • Gave away to many free kicks and corners, often unnecessary
  • Need to be a little more patient in forward third on occasion. Keep the ball high.
  • Get more players in the box attacking the ball for crosses (that will be a by-product of ^ tho)

Good start to the season everyone.

Alan, Paul & Kirsten