Born and raised with a stern Eastern block up-bringing Jacko spent his early years helping Uncle Yuri establish the family potato farm business in Uzbekistan.

Sixteen hours a day, seven days a week 365 days a year, rain or shine Jacko could be found in the families potato fields harnessed to a plough.

Raised the right way by Uncle Yuri the big man began to understand the real importance of life – Soccer, a woman with good child bearing hips and Potato Vodka.

What little spare time Jacko had he spent wondering the fields honing his ball skills and performing Keepie Uppies with a Morris Piper potato.

A booming surge in the family business saw Jacko migrate to South Australia, via Christmas Island, to assist Uncle Yuri in his quest for global expansion and ultimately world wide domination of the potato industry.

But Jacko became disillusioned with potatoes and began to have other dreams and other visions of glory and greatness.

Driven by his burning desire to succeed on the soccer pitch Jacko said his goodbyes to Uncle Yuri and set out on his own forging a career across the State and Federation Leagues of South Australia.

The big man quickly established himself as a robust no nonsense type of centre back with a smattering of finesse. Built on the ethos of hit hard, then harder the big fella enjoyed a ‘stella’ career. That was until he discovered Canadian Club and age caught up with him.

Stood at that inevitable cross roads in life that all old farts reach, bottle of Canadian Club in hand, the big man contemplated hanging up the boots and returning to work in the family fields.

That was until he saw the light.  A small tiny flame at first that grew stronger and stronger and brighter and brighter. Like the proverbial moth to a flame the big man was drawn to the light and found himself stood on the hallowed turf of ‘Le Glamour’.

Joining in 2014 as part of a new ‘yoof’ development policy Jacko quickly established himself as a starting centre back for the new look C team, and within four games had climbed to the dizzy heights of a coach.

What followed in 2014 is the stuff fairy tales are made of or for some nightmares as the C Team gave rise to the management duo ‘Hot Fuzz’.

Memories of 2014 quickly became distorted in a Canadian Club fuelled haze as the big man set about leading from the front and helping establish ‘Le Glamour’ as a force to be reckoned within the lower echelons of the Collegiate League.

Who knows what 2015 and beyond holds….