The weather offered an overcast day for the clash at home. The wind from the north will play a factor which needs to be considered.

Watching the opposition warm up I have two observations. Firstly they may lack pace across the park! The second is that Demis Roussos’ son is in their team! It also appears a giraffe has escaped from the Zoo and will be their goal keeper. Their warm up was an intense standing in a circle (not moving) kicking the ball to each other, followed by 10 Mtr. Walk throughs! First half starts Uni into the wind.

My prediction a whites win!

A bright start from the whites with some nice passing keeping the ball on the ground with consistent entries in their half. First corner 5 minutes in with no result for the whites. Unley get a free kick outside the box and it is a solid save by the keeper. Shot on goal from the whites just wide as they look to have control.

Pressure is building on Unley and it’s just the breeze assisting long clearances that seems to be stopping the whites.

Unley continue to play for the lucky long ball but the defense is doing a great job.

Shot on goal has the giraffe sprawling to his right and he gets a hoof in it.

Great run in the box from Wes but just runs out of room.

Great defending cuts off Unleys best chance! 30 minutes gone nil all.

Unley get a corner and a long ball on the breeze to the back post and the header is in! 1 – nil to Unley!

Frustrating times as Uni still look the better team and continue to push forward!

Error by Unley results in the Whites best chance but on the volley it’s put just wide!

The Whites defending for the half time whistle and their chance with the breeze. There it is half time! Uni White clearly the best side and their passing in the conditions was a highlight.

The coach was clear and in the areas to focus on and challenge the boys to push at goal hard as it should be 3-1 Uni’s way!

Second half starts and it’s straight into the Whites forward half. I think we will see a lot of rushed attempted long ball clearances from the under skilled opposition.

First shot at goal and a good save by the giraffe! It’s is getting busy out there and you can feel a score coming!

Unley have a good patch but the Whites again press and the header goes wide. Demis’ son is sub on!

It has turned messy congested struggle. As Unley stack the back line and the Whites cannot find space.

Another great chance to score but again the giraffe stops it this time with his knee! Starting to get at the business end of the match and the Whites need a lucky break! As the whites push men forward for an equalizer our keeper is left one in one and makes a great save! On the break a great through ball to Ollie for the whites and POW there it is the goal we have been looking for 1-1. Is there time for a winner!!!!!

Great movement through the mid field and BANG from outside the box Bez for number 2 for the whites and we lead!!!!!
Unley push for the impossible but the defense stands up again.

Getting close to full time and what a shot from Ollie trying to add to his talley! I must say a great save from the giraffe! It’s late now and a corner taken see a punch away and that’s full time! Is strange but a goalless first half we seem to play better than the 2 goal second half! What the? It holds the white in good stead for the year as they are unbeaten and looking strong!!!! 2-1 final score