Well it’s a fine day for the critical trial game for Uni white v SHOC at Brighton. First point of interest after a stirring address from the coach is that Napoleon dynamite is playing for SHOC. Early play saw The whites string together some quality passes through mid field which applied pressure to the defense. Composure at the back was solid early from the whites. After a ball not call out but was a shot on goal finished wide for SHOC. A second shot went left from well outside the box.

The first corner of the match was to SHOC and taken fell short and cleared comfortably. From some nice short passing the first attempt on goal was slightly high from the whites again 1 minute later another just over the cross bar! The whites controlled the play for next 5 mins resulting in a free kick taken however the header could not complete the play. On the attack again after some great passing the ball crossed in and A finish with style 1 nil to Uni White!

At this stage Uni are dominating and after a well taking free kick and 2 quality passes there is number 2 and the white lead 2-0. The full back for SHOC who looks much like the host on slum-dog millionaire makes a long run however the defense too strong and he may need to phone a friend after that gallop!

After a number of subs play is battled out in the mid field again Uni having the bulk of the ball. Clearly at this point Uni’s ball skills and reading of the play is superior! A near one on one with the keeper could have seen the 3rd as Uni continue to find holes in the defense.

Uni’s first corner was well taken to the back post and the shot taken rebounded off the keeper and snapped up for the 3rd goal! 3-0

Further pressure on the back 4 coughs up a header opportunity but with out the power needed it was saved. That’s half time!

The white have used the big ground the their advantage owning the wings with some great moment. The defense has been impassable and cool under slight pressure at times. They have worked as a unit when clearing the ball on all occasions. The forwards have been solid with some good movement and holding up in attack for the midfield to get involved and score! Very solid first half and the coach must be pleased with what he has seen! The coach has asked the boys to go with their first touch put them under pressure and take the free kick quickly. Overall he was happy with the first half

2nd half starts

Early Uni work the ball down the left and get a shot off but saved by the keeper. The pressure cooker is on as the forward close down the way out. SHOC don’t seem to be enjoying the pressure and free kick are on for the second half. SHOC make 2 pushes forward but no real chances.

Free kick earned and played into the box but a little heavy. Mixed play through mid field and the big ground is starting to take it’s toll! It seems there’s more yelling than playing for a moment but Uni get control! Their keeper is an opportunity waiting to happen! And after control is regained another corner for the whites Opps a bit to heavy that one (sky ball) Napoleon goes off at the defense, made me smile! You can see the gaps appearing as Uni give away there first free kick to save a promising attack.

A bit of manhood magic a highlight on the wing beats 2 guys twice!

Not the smoothness of the 1st half but SHOC have played with more intent. Skills and control are the difference between the 2 sides!

SHOC have a 5 min period in there front half but nothing. Great exchange between the Whites coach and our sub on ‘go the centre back’ ‘ but I have never played there’ you will learn’ gold!

A rally at the goal for SHOC but the man mountain keeper just Knocks it away a great save!

The boys are tiring a bit as the skills drop off but a congested mid field is not helping. The coach goes with the ‘sit down’ call and a sub is made ( cunning )

Up and down the ground with nothing much looking like it will amount to a score but who really cares at 3-0!
The ball is belted out over the fence cleared from the Uni defense and n12 for SHOC get a new ball as he balances his 3rd sausage and can of coke having been sub at 1-2 time. His best move in the match!

There it is the final whistle and it’s 3-0 win to the Whites!

The coach ask the question what’s the most notable thing? Fitness is raised and the boys get the message training is critical! He asks for the team to put some work a run every second day! Fitness in your legs the key! In all a good work out and the season ahead looks promising! The warm down starts and so does the season in 2 weeks.

David Wilson

John’s Dad