The AUSC Bill Barbari Cup & Season Launch 21 March 2015

The weather could not have been better for the 2nd year of the Bill Barbari Cup to be held on the University grounds. Three pitches were set up for the 8 teams to compete in this, our internal premier competition and it was fitting to have our final on Graduates Oval in front of the new facility.

As in past years, I could not help but be impressed with the amazing talent we have across all of our colours and, as always, the final was a fitting tribute to 2 great teams. The weather, the grounds, the people, the souvlaki sizzle and the passion, all combined to give the day a carnival atmosphere and to top it off, the new uniforms which combine our teams with the one symbol, the University V, were a stunning addition to the competition.

Every year, we try and improve on the structure of the competition to avoid the issues of the previous year and one of the big changes was to appoint referees independent of our club. We also made a random draw of our A and B teams which meant that B teams often were matched against an A team and surprisingly did well in a number of games.

In all, it worked out well, and I am pleased to report that the whole competition was played with the spirit of the AUSC and University Sport ethos by which we stand. Despite the three 3 red cards given, I am convinced that they were for technical fouls and dissent rather than anything that challenges our code of behaviour.

I would like to congratulate all the teams which participated and the AUSC Black team for winning the final. This was certainly a nail biter at 1-1 and one would have thought that Grads Red would have come out on top with the skills that they displayed on the day but the Blacks held on and defended against a barrage of swift and deft movements by the Reds to force a penalty play-off.

This is not an easy thing to watch from the sidelines as we could all feel the anxiety of each player who had to front up and take their penalty. In the end, the Blacks triumphed and for the first time in four years, the Reds were runners-up having taken the trophy each time in the past.

I would like to proudly congratulate the winner of this year’s Ron Robert’s medal for being the best and fairest for the day on the field, Peter Donegan, from AUSC Graduates Red.

Yes it was a great day for the AUSC and made more so by the volunteers behind the scenes who helped to make it go smoothly. I would like to express my gratitude to Travis Campbell our Grads Blue Vice President who steered the new Social committee and volunteers from across the club to set up and operate the BBQ and sell the drinks. Further, Travis organised the draw for the competition and the referees from the Amateur League. On the day, Kevin Holohan worked tirelessly, as usual to make sure that everything was in working order.

I would like to acknowledge our two major sponsors who stepped up this year to be the first to sponsor the AUSC as a whole and their continuing support we will make this a bigger and better competition. Thank you ANGOVE Wines and ZHIVAGO.

My one wish for next year’s competition is for a bigger crowd for support which would truly show that we are one united club and one of the largest in SA.

Chris Haralam
AUSC Chairman

Bill Barbari Cup winners - The Blacks