Welcome to the 2015 season and soon to our new website.

This season promises to be an exciting one as a number of developments have come to fruition.

  • Our new goals have been delivered and placed on each of the fields. They are the latest in design, easily manoeuvrable and secure.
  • All of our teams have been allocated a training and home ground for which they will be totally responsible and supervised by the team Vice President (VP).

The current VPs for each of the teams are:

a. AUSC Grads Red: Paul Sloan
b. AUSC Grads Blue: Travis Campbell
c. AUSC Whites: Graeme Jackson
d. AUSC Blacks: Shaun Kasteljin
e. AUSC Women: Kevin Holohan
f. AUSC Juniors: Kevin Holohan

These people make up part of the Board and join the Chairman (Chris Haralam), President (Bill Hill), Treasurer (Bill Pitsaidiotis) and Secretary (Zarina Greenburg)

  • We have secured the first main sponsor for the AUSC. Angove Wines have come on board as the official sponsors of the club; each team are still able to pursue their own sponsors.
  • Sponsorship money from Angove Wines has been earmarked for new uniforms for our Main A and B teams. If we can secure this funding for next year, other teams will be outfitted in 2016.
  • The new uniforms have been designed according to the guidelines set by Adelaide University Sports to whom our club is responsible and although, Black, White and Grey are the predominant colours, we have been able to retain our individual team colours to an extent.
  • The new lights on Park 10 which will improve lighting on Grads, The Neck, Park 10 and Lacrosse are due for installation by the end of daylight saving; this will not only give us better illumination on our existing areas but will cover an even bigger area where we can train off our pitches.
  • As a trade-off for losing playing and training time to Lacrosse on Grads oval, we will have a full size pitch at the 7 aside grounds. Teams are allocated as follows:

a. Graduates oval: The AUSC Home ground for allocated Saturday games to our Men’s teams and shared with Lacrosse on a fortnightly basis and home to Premier Women and Reserves
b. 7 aside/Lacrosse: Blacks Div 3 and 4 teams as well as Juniors who will also be accommodated on the Neck.
c. Park 10: Blacks As Bs and Cs. The pitch will be repositioned to take advantage of the new lighting and to avoid the dreaded cricket pitch.
d. The North: Grads Blue will be hosting 2 teams and Women Social Div 5 team.
e. The Metro: will be the responsibility of Grads Red with their 4 teams and will remain the pitch for night games so minimal use is required to accommodate this.
f. The South: remains the home ground for the