After the calamitous result last week, the D’s were keen to get back to our winning ways facing up against an Unley team who’d stolen a draw against us earlier in the season.

Before the game there was already some drama – with both Ali and Somi being unwell & therefore not playing. Mike Williams got a late call up to cover (Thanks Mike!), and Somi was well enough to come out to the game (team man!) and support us.

With a dearth of strikers, and a seemingly endless supply of defenders available, Steve switched things around – Jan moving up to the number 9, pushing Rob into central midfield and having Lev slot in at the back.

The full line-up was Lim (gk), Darren, Lev, Saf, Bobby at the back, midfield – Phillip, Rob, Saber, Manny, forwards – James, Jan.

From the kick-off, Unley took the early ascendancy, with the aid of a stiff breeze they bombed the ball long to the strikers, but also utilised their wide midfielders well, often leaving our wide defenders (Darren & Bobby) with two men to face.

Eventually their long ball plays paid off, as their young striker outsprinted the full-back (me) to shoot on the edge of the box. Lim made a good parry, but again the striker was too fast and scored at the near post.

At the other end, we’d actually had a number of chances, with Phillip shooting wide, and at the keeper, and James and Jan also looking dangerous, but their keeper had done a good job keeping us at bay.

One-Nil at the break, Steve asked us to pressure the keeper more and reminded us to play short balls unless going across the park to Manny or Phil – as the rest of us were at a pace disadvantage to the much younger Unley team.

Early on there was some good movement, and again we created a couple of chances, with Philip, Manny and Jan looking dangerous, but our good work was undone, as a slip in the midfield by the author allowed Unley to pounce. The ball being released to their striker on the right who made no mistake from just inside the box.

Steve began to ring the changes, as Tomas came on at the back and Hamad was moved up the front and we also brought Jan back into the midfield with Manny slotting in at 9.

We managed to pull a goal back from a well weighted corner, as I scored my first goal in close to a decade for 2-1. From that point on, the Whites put the pressure on Unley, but we lacked something special up forward as again our shots went wide or high.

The final whistle blew for a 2-1 loss, as Unley again proved to be our nemesis. And the day only got worse, as out A’s and B’s were both beaten, effectively ending their title hopes.

This is the first time we’ve lost 2 on the trot all season & was an extremely disappointing day. Let’s ensure we get a win on Saturday to finish the season on a high!

Hope to see you boys all out at training.