How the tables have (quote literally) turned. An away trip usually feared, especially by our B’s, the Whites walked away from Rostrevor College with NINE points, scoring 12 goals and conceding 6: by far our best aggregate result against Rostrevor. Our next best returns against Rossies were both at home. The first was back in 2004 when the A’s drew and the B’s got a late winner described by Graeme as “Truly the best goal I have seen in the B’s in my ten years at the club (other than my two on handicap).” The second was during the halcyon days of early 2010, with the French dreamteam scoring two each in the A’s 6-3 win and a brace from a youthful Rob Yeomans helping the C’s get up 4-2.

Prematch the A’s learned that Rostrevor had moved ahead of us on the table by goal difference. Regency’s misdemenours meant their win over Rostrevor had been ruled out, and Rostrevor was handed a forfeit win. So a genuine top of the table clash.

But after watching the B’s demolish their opposition 2-0, the A’s entered the field with confidence.  I was also personally confident, finally managing to tape my knee without the damn thing falling off within the first two minutes of the match.

We played well from the start, passing the ball around nicely and defending well. Scott then decided it was a touch too nice, and headbutted his opponent. The Rossie was off the field for a minute, but Scott’s was off for about five, while he tried to stem the flow of blood with one of the coach’s “wipe-down” hand towels.

Rob slotted into CB, and Jose into the middle, and there were a few tense moments where we were not quite structured. Luckily a now disfigured Scott was able to continue, and Steve Borz sat down again.

Shortly after, some good team play was topped off by a superb solo opener. Say what you want about the big man (seriously, say whatever), but Alex’s turn and s