Round seven of the Collegiate League saw the Whites take on cross University rivals Uni SA at the Stade Blanc. Preparation for the visit of the second from bottom side was good with the C Team and distinguished guests having a midweek run out against SA Police on the artificial green baize at West Beach and securing a hard fought but deserved win. Based on the midweek performance ’Hot Fuzz’ were confident of knocking over Uni SA and bolstering the goal difference to boot, whilst burying the nightmare of the Rostrevor game in the process.

Even with injuries and fatigue due to all night World Cup viewing sessions, the Whites were able to field the majority of what has become a settled side this season. Most noticeable absentees were the Skipper Cam injured whilst legally kicking lumps out of a copper on Wednesday, and his defensive side kick Jack O. Having missed the midweek fixture against his colleagues with man flu, Jack O was raring to go. That was until Friday afternoon, when he over did things reaching for the last ‘Krispy Kreme’ at work and pulled a heart muscle, love handle and apparently his calf.

With the experience (old age) missing from the back, Richie Harris converted to centre back to play alongside George. Skipper for the day Juan switched to right back and Ollie ‘One foot’ Smith started on the left. The midfield quartet consisted of Maxie Soulsby, Master Bates, Leo and Robbie Scammell whilst Ian Hendrie partnered the returning (from injury) Fairuz up top.

Late cry offs from Adam (TV debut appearance) and Dan G with a viral throat infection which puts One Erections World Tour in doubt, lead to a reshuffle on the bench with Ben Bol earning a call up from the D’s to bolster numbers. Manny, the less softer of the two Gartner’s and Stuart Smith made up the squad.

And so to kick off.

Uni SA were a shambles with odd socks, odd shorts, some shirts, no shirts and a selection of training bibs and yellow T-Shirts which a very talented 5 year old had numbered using a crayon. Still our favourite referee aka the Baby Hippo was happy with the DIY designer kit. It kind of set the tone for the game.

Kick off and the Whites tried to settle into their game and control the ball and tempo. Unfortunately we couldn’t pass a parcel let alone the ball and the tempo for a scrappy first half was set. Uni SA shocked the