Coffee, sundaymail sports page, now lets check the CSL scores. What! UniWhites a’s+b’s clear top of table. Yes, believe it! We are playing the best football in the league.

Yesterdays game was pivotal. We disposed of our nearest contender with 4 superb all class goals on their home ground. We hit xbar, post, unlucky not to get a penalty etc. Could have been 8 against the next best team to ours? The result message we sent out to the league will give us an edge for the rest of season. We have much to improve on yesterdays game and we let 2goals in. This improvement will be progressive if we continue to work at training. Light mist rain+ overcast. Cain thought he was back in summertime england and proceeded to give a midfield master lesson to the opposition. Scott, cut(near eye)- he wants back on field asap-all guts! Alex puts on a clinic in shooting for goal.

jose was all grit+ determination dispatching his opponent to ground who subsequently was carried back off the pitch. Crab was smiling yesterday + i think it was because we won and also the team bus got a badly needed wash courtesy of the light rain. At half time i heard some talk of wanting to park our bus on the pitch in front of dan but no. Thats what the opposition would have wanted. Now with the bus looking clean and the forwards all chanting attack, attack, attack, we had no choice but to go for more goals! Excellent win!

A big note: We will be having 1 or 2 of our usual starting players out of the a’s squad during next 2 games. I know whoever is selected to start those games will fit in very well and i expect no change to our game plan or style. We are confident that within our extended squad of 17, all are capable of interchanging. Our strength is our solid reserve depth. Enjoy today!