Solid cup round win to a’s squad. From the moment jose asked crab for the keys of the team bus i knew something special was was going to happen. In the drivers seat, he drove some of us to an all you can eat+drink asado bbq event.

Post asado, all back on the bus for our cup round game. It was a typical scratchy cup tie vs a minow that contested well trying for an upset that was never going to happen. Jose said, give me the ball and proceeded to clinicaly kick 4goals. A world cup audition performance and surely now he should be considered as a genuine standby for argentina?

Unselfish+the team leader he is, jose decided to back off +give others a chance to score. Step in paul in his new carnival boots with a chance to make history for adidas. Very close and but, only if? I will have to check if asado is on the international prohibited substance list?

Good performance all subs+thanks kevinB.