The pitch was perfect, but the weather was cold, wet and drizzly, making the ball skid about like an ice hockey puck. After a few stern words from the Ref about behaviour and language, which was met with a stern response from Jan stating that “F**K” in German translated to “good job Ref”, we begun the game.

Within the first 10 seconds we had pushed the ball into their box and a fateful handball gave us a penalty. Captain Bobby was the assigned penalty taker and gently rolled the ball past the keeper for the quickest goal scored in a game all season. Out came the mythical mask which I had to see to believe and after the Ref patiently waited for Bobby to finish taking a ‘selfie’. The game resumed, this time in earnest.

From this point forward the game turned into a long intense slog for control of a slippery ball. We gained some rhythm with the back line (commanded by Robby ‘The Head’ Alberton) playing the ball out through the wings to Jan ‘the raging bull’ who would then put it to the capable feet of the 3 wise men in attack: Wez, James and Justin. The Back Line of the Barker Boys were only hanging on by the skin of their teeth but with old man Wez doing his hammy, and coming off, they managed to stop our advances till the half time whistle was blown.

The half had Bres and Darren coming on for me ‘the sun god’ (now setting) and Alberton who both felt that we would be more useful on the sidelines. Now facing the downhill stretch, the slog began again. The glamourous Whites had many chances on goal but none took the cake. The Barker Boys responded by amping up the rough play. This led to us conceding a corner. Incredibly the ball managed to swing passed everyone in the fray of the penalty box and find the rather large foot of a rather large Barker Boy. There was nothing Glynn could do and suddenly, sickeningly, the game was equalised.

Both teams pushed hard from this point, but no goals would be scored. Saber(playing center back for the first time) made sure nothing got passed him, and coach Bresolin began lightly ‘bumping’ into their keeper and defense with his hands. The last 5 minutes of the game seemed like a goal our way was inevitable. A beautiful ball from Jan led to a corner and everyone could taste a goal on the wet air… But no corner came, as the full time whistle was blown.