Pop! A Champage win to the a’s squad. All started with a pregame win when i had to evict a team from our changerooms. The game was like cooking sausages. It took 20minutes to start the bbq but from then on we did them slowly. 7 well cooked sausage goals. Goals where sticking to conan like flies. Good performance and our dividend is we have edged top spot by 1point. Cheers to all! The reality check is we need to improve areas of our game! Bad news for all opposition teams.

Crab will now step up training to prepare the squad for our next phase. We will continue to win if we continue to improve! Reserve+fringe players will need to step up+take their chance when asked+play with confidence, toughness+ expectation! You are all capable and selected on merit!

Last i heard, crab was seen in the early hours driving the team party bus from nightclub to nightclub singing the uni whites song!